Black and White Series Part 3

Look #3 : Love and Lace

I may be a romantic at heart, but when it comes to dressing, I’m a realist. Clean lines, versatile silhouettes and bolder textures are my jam. Leather, chunky knits and faux fur are staples in my closet, especially when the temperature dips. Lace is something I’ve done cautiously, and ruffles have just never happened for me. While others get swept up in the romance of it, I strategically settle for simple black lace details that paired well the edgier pieces I already own. Needless to say, white lace had never even occurred to me. My own wedding dress didnt even have lace, so it was very unlikely that I’d fall for any white lace piece. Or so I thought.

Alas, we should never rule anything out, especially when it comes to matters of the heart. I fell head first in love with this white long sleeved blouse when I first saw it online. My heart skipped a beat as I wondered how it would look on. There was a lot going on, ruffles and thick, white lace flowers… usually not my speed. Will I look like a wedding cake? While I waited for it to arrive, I had fantasized about what I could pair it with it, ( heart racing of course) black skinny jeans or a leather mini… the possibilities seemed endless. It was such a departure from anything I’m typically I attracted to that I did have my doubts.

The day finally came when it arrived, it was even more gorgeous in person. It fit beautifully snug and made me feel so chic. The details made a bold statement with out being over the top. My doubts about it being too frilly or fitting with my personal style were all quieted. I decided to simply style it by pairing it with black high waisted, wide leg trousers and lace up shoe booties. This look was so much simpler than what I envisioned, but it worked so well. I felt pretty, comfortable and kind of Parisian  as I finally let myself fall in love with lace.

Never say never birds,



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Black and White Series: Part 2

Black and White looks can make a splash with minimal effort, just add some imagination.

Look 2: Rooftop Pajamas

So the pajama trend is in full force, and my approach is:

Wear pajamas.

I love being comfortable and I happened to have really cute pajamas so I fail to see the point of purchasing pieces that look like pajamas when I can just cleverly style my own. Case in point, my lovely sheer robe from Adore Me, doubles nicely as a kimono/wrap dress  and is so light and comfortable. The black lace sleeve detail paired perefectly with plaid crop trousers creates a head to toe pajama look that is still appropriate for running errands, attending brunch or lounging on a rooftop with your dog. The black and white plaid give the look structure and elevate a trendy look.

You know that feeling when you’re not sure a look is going to work? I get that feeling all the time, a sort  of happy anxiety. I definitely like to experiment with my wardrobe, however when I do … I find that I’ll do a playful silhouette ( like a robe with detailed sleeves) in a neutral color … like black or white. I will actually test out most trends in black or white first, and this blog is proof. From silk joggers to cheeky graphic tees- all b & w. Not sure if a part of me likes to play it safe or keep something about a look timeless, but with this look, my habit worked. I was able to incorporate the pajama trend, classic black and white, and comfort in one effortless look!

I added a pop of color with a mustard head scarf and my adorable pup for a bit of fun!

Keep dressing fun and exciting birds,




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Black and White Series: Part 1

Look #1 : Audrey goes Punk

Once upon time, TFC started out as a blog about a bird (me)  that stood out in her sub-tropical, pastel colored backdrop (Miami) by wearing – almost exclusively- black and white. Times have changed, as has my location and personal style. Being the contrarian that I am, I now rebel by wearing color in my concrete jungle. It’s my nature to stand out after all. However, my heart beats a bit faster for anything black and white. The simplicity, the timelessness of it- the way it sends a bold message without being loud are all too much to just forget about. This 3 part series is all about making a strong statement with with black and white staples that may already be in your closet.

Audrey Hepburn and rock star edginess are two imperative parts of my style DNA, and have been for a long time. I love the classics: crisp white button downs, big black sunglasses and pearls. Are all indispensable staples in my wardrobe. My other side however, can LIVE in black tulle or lace with chunky chain linked jewelry, and I often do. So what do I do when both sides are calling my name?

Wear it all at once.

These 4 staples helped  achieve this cool look in minutes. Here’s what I did with what I had:

The Button Down: White, Wrinkle Free and $29 bucks at Uniqlo. I wear it for work and play and I probably should have at least 3 for when one gets dirty.

The Tulle Skirt: Black and slightly above the knee, I wear this skirt more than any denim I own. It adds a bad ass element to any top and I feel glamorous in it with out feeling uber girly. It is by far one of my favorite pieces in my wardrobe and it was $20 at Forever 21 like 5 years ago, shop a similar one here.

The Pearls: You may have not guessed that this edgy bird owns a pearl suite ( earrings, strand and bracelet), but she does! I have had it for over a decade and wear it to death. No I’m not the usual, preppy pearl wearing gal, but pairing pearl studs with trendy statement dress  or layering a strand of pearls with chunky costume jewelry never gets old for me. It’s a nod to vintage style and an unexpected classy touch. Pearls ( like diamonds) are the little black dress of a jewelry box and can often be found found at accessible prices (like here) , not mention ANYTHING adorn with pearls is the hottest trend right now, so you may as well adorn yourself with them!

The Sunglasses:  Nothing says “fabulous” quiet like large, black sunglasses. They often make me look like some sort of insect, but I’m okay with that. I own about 30 pairs of sunglasses – #floridagirlprobs – and I wear these the most, because it’s the easiest way to elevate any look.  Rounded, with wide stems are my favorite, these are from Wyeth and are incredible.


I’m sure you aren’t surprised to find out that all of the elements of this look are older pieces.  It’s all about creating looks you love with the pieces you love, and most of the pieces happen to be black and white!

Stay tuned for Look #2 very soon,





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Summa Summa Summer time : What I wore and What I didn’t

Summer is coming to a close ( soon I hope ) and I can’t help on reflecting on what I wore and what I didn’t. You have often heard me say that I don’t buy into a lot of trends. My closet is filled with staple and investment pieces. Most of my wardrobe consist of pieces I can wear at work and off duty, and are black or white. When I do buy into a trend that I just can’t resist…I buy light and strategically, because no one needs 8 OTS tops. I’m also pretty skilled at deciphering what trends are for me and what trends  I’ll leave on the rack for someone else. In this edition of The List, I’m sharing the Summer trends I loved and the ones I chose not to participate in.

Trends that spent time in the Sun:

1.Off the shoulder: this trend has been alive prior seasons, but it really exploded this Summer. Even the  crazy ( possibly homeless) lady on my block wore an #OTS . Not just the cool kids were doing it, we all were! Since it’s such a feminine silhoutte, I liked wearing OTS dresses best, so easy to wear from day to night, and kept me cool on humid summer nights.

2.Culottes: I never say never, but this was a trend I NEVER thought I would partake in. I’m curvy, and the basic guidelines for dressing a curvy body usually consist of accentuating said curves with form fitting clothing. BUT when I found roomy, high waisted, mid-length pants that cinch my waist and give the rest of my lower half some breathing room (i.e. my crotch) I was a believer. It’s like wearing chic pajamas pants! Not to mention, they are perfect to wear from day to night, and pairing with a basic cotton tee or a form fitting top is too easy.

3.Kimonos: When I saw images of women dressed up in silky robe lookin’ things in magazines a few season’s ago, I was instantly in love. Once again, all my pajama dreams were coming true. I was a bit weary at first, since I’m short and I was concerned that a large, shapeless piece of fabric would hide my own shape and make me look like a floral printed amoeba. Thankfully, no such thing happened, and I figured out that if I wore a skin tight skirt underneath and tee that shows a bit of cleavage, no one will question my shape and I can have yet another reason to prance around in PJs.

Trends I through some shade at:

1.Gingham: I love plaid and most checked print. I find it to be very chic and reminscent of a Parisian Summer. However, I didn’t find the right Gingham piece for me this summer, despite all of the options. I do own a skirt from a few years ago, but didn’t feel compelled to wear it for whatever reason. It just didn’t fit my mood this summer I guess. Image Source 

2. Embroidered Floral denim: This adorable trend did not make the cut for me this Summer because it goes against my personal denim philosophy of finding the perfect pair of jeans and owning them till there are wholes near the thighs… #curvygirlproblems. I’m so picky with jeans that despite the many cute pairs of floral denim out there, I didn’t find a pair I absolutely had to have, and didn’t feel like investing into the trend. But for all of you that did, I’m sure it pairs beautifully with your Gingham blouse.

Image Source

3. Twin sets: I love this trend actually, and don’t think it’s going anywhere anytime soon. I didn’t buy into it because it was so difficult to find a set that fit me perfectly. Since, I’m small up top and large on the bottom, finding a set that worked was frustrating- it brought me back to bathing suit shopping, which isn’t particularly fun for me. Had I found one that fit properly, I would have worn it all summer long because it would make dressing so easy. I hope this trend sticks around so I can continue to hunt for a set that fits just right.

Image Source

Not all trends are created equal and not all trends are for everyone. With social media, magazines and store fronts constantly telling us what to wear, it’s important to realize what trends work for us and what trends don’t. One of the pillars of personal style, and mission statements is : wear what makes sense to you. It should be comfortable and help you express your own personal style in the best way possible.

Dress your best birds,



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Summer School

I’m not a ‘t-shirt and jeans’ kinda girl. I love both elements, and appreciate what the idea behind the phrase- to have a comfortable, no frills style -but it’s just too simple for me most of the time. It reminds me of what I used to wear my freshman year of high school – before I got gutsy and experimental with my personal style.
So let’s take that concept and stretch it a bit, shall we ?
* class in session*
Instead of a t shirt and denim… why not a t shirt with a skirt or a cotton romper? Still uber comfortable and simple, but with an unexpected touch. I wore this fun look to an event a few weeks ago. It was very hot and I needed something comfy that paired with sneakers but didn’t want to look like I was going to school.
I mixed a cropped tee with my favorite cotton black romper, cuff up the legs and paired it high tops. I grabbed my favorite back pack to put all my gear in (camera, make up, multiple sunglasses) and kept it moving. All pieces in this look are staples in my closet that I just mixed and matched – which is something I’ve learned to do when I’m bored with my wardrobe. I throw a couple of different pieces I want to wear on bed and begin experimenting. It’s taught me to combine different elements to create fresh looks that are wearable and versatile. Stretching my outfit choices, and not stretching my wallet.

*bell rings*


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Urban Tropicana

I grew up in a tropical place, which some people consider a part of the Carribbean- depending on who you ask. Florals and bright colors are the year-round norm in South Florida.
Even though I grew up knowing I was a city slicker at heart, and that 1000% humidity was not my speed- vibrant florals, pastel colors and luscious green shades kinda have this bird’s heart. As temperatures start to rise in NYC, I can’t help but crave a bit of the tropics.
Although, with that being said, I often feel out of place wearing barely-there sundresses and sandals in the steamy concrete oasis I call home. Largely because thigh rubbing under dresses and lots of walking in sandals aren’t this New Yorker’s idea of paradise.
Not to mention that a 90 degree day, can turn into a chilly 58 degree night in a New York minute, which has been my reality lately.
So I decided to add a breezy tropical twist to this otherwise, very urban look.
I mixed one tropical silhouette, a ruffled bodysuit, with a structured, palm green pleated skirt, that still has a bit of flounce to it … to keep the look feeling breezy. I then added a few bright elements to warm things up, like a coral pink floral bandana, bright oversized bangles, and a banana charm to my very structured black cross body.
Lastly, I opted for rose gold cutout oxfords instead of sandals…it was the less obvious choice, still very bright and fun, but tailored enough to speak to my skirt and bag.
In my mind, it’s how any urban flamingo would dress herself. Adapting to her surroundings but still giving a nod to her tropical place of origin.


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One year, One Bird

A year ago I launched this blog. Hooray.
Warning: this ain’t no warm and fuzzy celebration post with balloons, confetti and me in a tulle skirt – although ya’ll know I love a tulle skirt. In true #flamingostyle, it’s reflective, wordy, and a bit sarcastic.
As I’ve mentioned before, my decision to finally create a blog was more than just a vehicle for me to write at least once a week and get my creative on. It was a life line.
4 years ago my life changed in many ways. While it changed in many positive ways, like getting married, starting a new career path in luxury retail and adopting our adorable dog; it changed in not so great ways too.Enlight40Enlight38
I changed, and forgot a bunch of shit.
I forgot how I need time to myself, I forgot that I need to be creative as much as I need to breathe, and I forgot that I thrive when I venture down the road less traveled.
I just fucking forgot.
I forgot that I’m a damn bird, I forgot a piece of myself.
So then I started waking up and remembering, I got mad at myself and then took action. I started with the one thing that has saved me (literally) during my most trying times; I started writing. I kept it light and fun and just talked about the things I wanted to talk about. Personal style, beauty products…I even published lists of things I wanted to talk about, and people actually paid attention and talked back. Some agreed with the things I said and some even thought I was funny … HA.

I can’t tell you how wonderfully validating your feedback over the past year has been. So inspiring and down right delightful. I wasn’t ready for it. It was terrific.
Then there was the other piece, the visual side of things. The intimidating side of things. Styling looks was a no brainer; it’s only like my favorite thing to do other than eat and have sex.Enlight39
But me styling myself, then taking pictures?
You can imagine why it took me so long to start a blog, the me prancing-around like-a-model side of things scared the life out of me.
For starters, I had gained weight and didn’t feel very model-esque, but I’m also so awkward and goofy – my faces alone are tiny disasters. I think I’m doing a sexy smile and in reality I look like I need to go #2. I’m better off being a cartoon, seriously.
Fortunately, I started this journey with my partner in crime, my husband. Who also blogs and has become this incredible, self taught photographer right before my eyes. Not only does he motivate and inspire me everyday, but he takes all of the shots you’ve seen on here. We’ve grown creatively together, and he understands my vision and reminds me to stay true to myself, and to not make that face that makes me look like I need to run to the bathroom. He’s also taught me the basics, how to edit, and how to see the world in a new way. I have fallen in love with photography all over again as a result. Creating images that make people feel something is addictive, and I’m hooked. Enlight37Enlight36So here we are, one year down. I’ve grown a small but faithful following. I’ve met some amazing, creative souls through blogging. Some of which I now consider some of my closest friends. I’ve discovered what I really want to do with my life (hint, it does not involve wearing a suit), and I’ve started to respect and own my voice.
I can’t wait for what lies ahead, this blog has truly been a catalyst for everything I’ve wanted to change in my life! I’m proud of the bird I’ve become and can’t thank you birds enough for allowing me to chronicle my journey. Stay tuned this week on Insta for throwbacks of some of my favorite posts!
Happy Anniversary #LeChronicles

Love you all, my finely feathered friends!

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Let’s hear it for the boys

I grew up with boys, I grew up liking boys and now I kinda like to dress like one.
Don’t get me wrong, I love a pop of pink or a good ruffle every now and then, but my base line will always be neutrals and clean lines…which I’ll often steal from the boys.Enlight26From “borrowing” my brother’s baseball tees and hoodies to thrift diving for men’s ties and button downs, I have always leaned towards men inspired pieces. I love the simplicity. Plus it’s fun to sport big soft girly waves, a big butt -then slap a hoodie on because I find juxtaposition exciting even in it’s cheapest form.Enlight24Enlight29Enlight18
For this look, I’m sporting a men’s hoodie tee from Target, I went one size up to wear it like a tunic over leggings and high tops. I added my favorite blush bucket bag for a splash of femininity and wore silver statement necklace for some bling. This all too easy look is affordable, comfortable and incredibly on trend right now. It has been a clutch look for me during the weather roller coaster I’ve been on since moving to NYC a few months back. I guess boys are good for more than kissing and talking bout’ football with.Enlight25For more details shop my links below and stay tuned for more chronicles in April!



Hoodie- Target

Hooded Parka- Who What Wear for Target *SOLD OUT

Gloves and Leggings- Zara *similar*

Sunglasses – Sunglass Spot

Bucket Bag – Rebecca Minkoff 

Sneakers- Reebok

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In the City

Very few things can inspire me as much as the streets of New York. There is just so much stimulation at every corner…lights, sounds, an array of colors, many different faces, and some of the best street style you ever did see. Boring fashion “rules” need not apply on these streets, only thing that matters is how great you feel in what you are wearing. Which is why I could not WAIT to be back in the city for NYFW last week and flex my street style muscles.pattern-play-nyc-0362pattern-play-nyc-0354pattern-play-nyc-0389

Almost everything I’ve learned about fashion and personal style, I learned in New York City. Clueless and Sex and the City taught me names like Alaia, Dior and Manolo, but the city streets is where I learned everything about personal style.

Rule numero uno: You can do whatever the hell you want!pattern-play-nyc-0337pattern-play-nyc-0383pattern-play-nyc-0374

pattern-play-nyc-0397Moving to the city from Miami at the young age of 21, my personal style meant heels, bright colors, and tight clothing. I quickly discovered all of my options and 10 years later my personal style has done a 180. I mix patterns, love to layer unexpected pieces, as the outfit pictured, am obsessed with black and white, and I pretty much would wear booties to bed if someone let me. So naturally, I felt incredibly empowered and excited to amp up my street style while I was back in the city I love. This look was perfect for running around in the city. I went from meetings, to shows, to shooting and catching up with old friends in unseasonably hot temperatures, so thankfully my idea to have no sleeves was genius. I kept my layers light: thin cotton printed cami topped with a structured vest, and a light cotton skate skirt. I added a statement necklace for some bling and a faux braid headband to keep my hair out of my face.

Practical on the corner of chic, because if I’m not comfortable, I’m not confident.

NYC taught me to be fearless in many ways, especially when it came to style, and being back and roaming the streets reminded of that freedom and got all my creative juices flowin’. Peep my details below, and stay tuned for more things NYC!

Fly freely,




  • Sunglasses- Sunglassspot
  • Vest- White House/ Black Market
  • Cami- American Eagle Outfitters
  • Skirt- Forever 21 (old)
  • Handbag- French Connection
  • Boots- Kenneth Cole (old)
  • Necklace- Le Tote



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