Black and White Series: Part 1

Look #1 : Audrey goes Punk

Once upon time, TFC started out as a blog about a bird (me)  that stood out in her sub-tropical, pastel colored backdrop (Miami) by wearing – almost exclusively- black and white. Times have changed, as has my location and personal style. Being the contrarian that I am, I now rebel by wearing color in my concrete jungle. It’s my nature to stand out after all. However, my heart beats a bit faster for anything black and white. The simplicity, the timelessness of it- the way it sends a bold message without being loud are all too much to just forget about. This 3 part series is all about making a strong statement with with black and white staples that may already be in your closet.

Audrey Hepburn and rock star edginess are two imperative parts of my style DNA, and have been for a long time. I love the classics: crisp white button downs, big black sunglasses and pearls. Are all indispensable staples in my wardrobe. My other side however, can LIVE in black tulle or lace with chunky chain linked jewelry, and I often do. So what do I do when both sides are calling my name?

Wear it all at once.

These 4 staples helped  achieve this cool look in minutes. Here’s what I did with what I had:

The Button Down: White, Wrinkle Free and $29 bucks at Uniqlo. I wear it for work and play and I probably should have at least 3 for when one gets dirty.

The Tulle Skirt: Black and slightly above the knee, I wear this skirt more than any denim I own. It adds a bad ass element to any top and I feel glamorous in it with out feeling uber girly. It is by far one of my favorite pieces in my wardrobe and it was $20 at Forever 21 like 5 years ago, shop a similar one here.

The Pearls: You may have not guessed that this edgy bird owns a pearl suite ( earrings, strand and bracelet), but she does! I have had it for over a decade and wear it to death. No I’m not the usual, preppy pearl wearing gal, but pairing pearl studs with trendy statement dress  or layering a strand of pearls with chunky costume jewelry never gets old for me. It’s a nod to vintage style and an unexpected classy touch. Pearls ( like diamonds) are the little black dress of a jewelry box and can often be found found at accessible prices (like here) , not mention ANYTHING adorn with pearls is the hottest trend right now, so you may as well adorn yourself with them!

The Sunglasses:  Nothing says “fabulous” quiet like large, black sunglasses. They often make me look like some sort of insect, but I’m okay with that. I own about 30 pairs of sunglasses – #floridagirlprobs – and I wear these the most, because it’s the easiest way to elevate any look.  Rounded, with wide stems are my favorite, these are from Wyeth and are incredible.


I’m sure you aren’t surprised to find out that all of the elements of this look are older pieces.  It’s all about creating looks you love with the pieces you love, and most of the pieces happen to be black and white!

Stay tuned for Look #2 very soon,





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Habits of a Bird

In spite of my seemingly evergreen wardrobe ( trust me it is not) I’m a creature of habit, just like every other bird out there. I wear things to death and I often turn articles of clothing into security blankets. Yes, just like Linus from Peanuts. I become very attached to certain pieces and wear them out.
It’s summer in the city, it’s hot and I do not want to think about what I’m wearing so I have a few crucial basics on rotation to keep things easier and I couldn’t think of a better way of sharing them with you than bringing back The List!

So it here it goes, ya’ll know the drill!

1. The Kimono:

I’ve been wanting one for a while, and couldn’t find the perfect one. Until this one appeared in my life. Dusty pastels, vintage floral and satiny goodness makes me feel like I’m at home lounging!

Found @ Forever 21

2. The Slip On Sneaker:

What are pink, have bows, and are the cutest pair of sneakers ever?! These slip ons that are as light as they are affordably adorable!

Found @ Just Fab

3. The Little Cross body:

Cross body bags are pretty much the only way to stylishly enjoy a Summer in the City, and this one is the best example. Fits my keys, cell phone and a small card case… even lip gloss and it’s in 2017’s hottest shade: Blush pink. It’s the perfect accessory for rooftop parties, outdoor concerts or any sort of adventure!

Found @ Imoshion

4. The Tee:

Soft and sort of see-through and with a deep V that keeps things sexy. A soft V neck tee is a summer essential, and this one has been with me for years.

Found @ J Crew Outlet

These essentials keep me feeling stylish and comfortable all summer long and best of all, all were under $40! Click on the links above to shop each item and stay tuned for more of The List.

Hope everyone is having a fantastic summer!


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Bare Necessities

When living in South Florida, one should keep their beach bag ready by the door before the afternoon monsoon rolls in. Whether it’s a day trip to the beach or a quick dip in the pool, having the right essentials is key to getting just what you came for- a bit of sun and relaxation.

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