Summa Summa Summer time : What I wore and What I didn’t

Summer is coming to a close ( soon I hope ) and I can’t help on reflecting on what I wore and what I didn’t. You have often heard me say that I don’t buy into a lot of trends. My closet is filled with staple and investment pieces. Most of my wardrobe consist of pieces I can wear at work and off duty, and are black or white. When I do buy into a trend that I just can’t resist…I buy light and strategically, because no one needs 8 OTS tops. I’m also pretty skilled at deciphering what trends are for me and what trends  I’ll leave on the rack for someone else. In this edition of The List, I’m sharing the Summer trends I loved and the ones I chose not to participate in.

Trends that spent time in the Sun:

1.Off the shoulder: this trend has been alive prior seasons, but it really exploded this Summer. Even the  crazy ( possibly homeless) lady on my block wore an #OTS . Not just the cool kids were doing it, we all were! Since it’s such a feminine silhoutte, I liked wearing OTS dresses best, so easy to wear from day to night, and kept me cool on humid summer nights.

2.Culottes: I never say never, but this was a trend I NEVER thought I would partake in. I’m curvy, and the basic guidelines for dressing a curvy body usually consist of accentuating said curves with form fitting clothing. BUT when I found roomy, high waisted, mid-length pants that cinch my waist and give the rest of my lower half some breathing room (i.e. my crotch) I was a believer. It’s like wearing chic pajamas pants! Not to mention, they are perfect to wear from day to night, and pairing with a basic cotton tee or a form fitting top is too easy.

3.Kimonos: When I saw images of women dressed up in silky robe lookin’ things in magazines a few season’s ago, I was instantly in love. Once again, all my pajama dreams were coming true. I was a bit weary at first, since I’m short and I was concerned that a large, shapeless piece of fabric would hide my own shape and make me look like a floral printed amoeba. Thankfully, no such thing happened, and I figured out that if I wore a skin tight skirt underneath and tee that shows a bit of cleavage, no one will question my shape and I can have yet another reason to prance around in PJs.

Trends I through some shade at:

1.Gingham: I love plaid and most checked print. I find it to be very chic and reminscent of a Parisian Summer. However, I didn’t find the right Gingham piece for me this summer, despite all of the options. I do own a skirt from a few years ago, but didn’t feel compelled to wear it for whatever reason. It just didn’t fit my mood this summer I guess. Image Source 

2. Embroidered Floral denim: This adorable trend did not make the cut for me this Summer because it goes against my personal denim philosophy of finding the perfect pair of jeans and owning them till there are wholes near the thighs… #curvygirlproblems. I’m so picky with jeans that despite the many cute pairs of floral denim out there, I didn’t find a pair I absolutely had to have, and didn’t feel like investing into the trend. But for all of you that did, I’m sure it pairs beautifully with your Gingham blouse.

Image Source

3. Twin sets: I love this trend actually, and don’t think it’s going anywhere anytime soon. I didn’t buy into it because it was so difficult to find a set that fit me perfectly. Since, I’m small up top and large on the bottom, finding a set that worked was frustrating- it brought me back to bathing suit shopping, which isn’t particularly fun for me. Had I found one that fit properly, I would have worn it all summer long because it would make dressing so easy. I hope this trend sticks around so I can continue to hunt for a set that fits just right.

Image Source

Not all trends are created equal and not all trends are for everyone. With social media, magazines and store fronts constantly telling us what to wear, it’s important to realize what trends work for us and what trends don’t. One of the pillars of personal style, and mission statements is : wear what makes sense to you. It should be comfortable and help you express your own personal style in the best way possible.

Dress your best birds,



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