Urban Tropicana

I grew up in a tropical place, which some people consider a part of the Carribbean- depending on who you ask. Florals and bright colors are the year-round norm in South Florida.
Even though I grew up knowing I was a city slicker at heart, and that 1000% humidity was not my speed- vibrant florals, pastel colors and luscious green shades kinda have this bird’s heart. As temperatures start to rise in NYC, I can’t help but crave a bit of the tropics.
Although, with that being said, I often feel out of place wearing barely-there sundresses and sandals in the steamy concrete oasis I call home. Largely because thigh rubbing under dresses and lots of walking in sandals aren’t this New Yorker’s idea of paradise.
Not to mention that a 90 degree day, can turn into a chilly 58 degree night in a New York minute, which has been my reality lately.
So I decided to add a breezy tropical twist to this otherwise, very urban look.
I mixed one tropical silhouette, a ruffled bodysuit, with a structured, palm green pleated skirt, that still has a bit of flounce to it … to keep the look feeling breezy. I then added a few bright elements to warm things up, like a coral pink floral bandana, bright oversized bangles, and a banana charm to my very structured black cross body.
Lastly, I opted for rose gold cutout oxfords instead of sandals…it was the less obvious choice, still very bright and fun, but tailored enough to speak to my skirt and bag.
In my mind, it’s how any urban flamingo would dress herself. Adapting to her surroundings but still giving a nod to her tropical place of origin.


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Treat your Bootay

Ever since I got my first summer job, a longtime ago, I started a little reward system for myself. Once a month, I’d treat myself to new underwear. It was a little personal treat that started after one random visit to Victoria Secret on payday. At the time, it felt super grown up- treating myself to a little luxury that made me feel sexy and confident. Since then, it has been a ritual I’ve maintained. Of course I’ve since branched out to different stores/brands and have a slight tendency to purchase underwear SEVERAL times a month, depending on how stressed I am. For me, it is the perfect little pick-me -up, whether I am having a great day or a really long one.

Of course now that I live in NYC, I’m (like every New Yorker) obsessed with getting everything delivered, and can’t get enough of  it! Groceries, wine, dry cleaning…and underwear?!

Enter BootayBag:

BootayBag is a monthly women’s underwear service – for just $12 a month and free shipping you can #treatyoself with new undies picked to fit your own personal style.So if you’re all about thongs or like to mix it up, they have some thing for every bootay. Also, BootayBag donates $1 to the Melanoma Foundation with every picture posted with the hashtag #undermatters on social media, which means my longstanding, monthly treat just got a little luxe upgrade that also gives back. It’s a win win, of the lacey kind.

Go fly on over HERE and treat your bootay to something soft and sexy!




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No New Stuff

So by now, most of ya’ll know the pillars of my personal style.

1. Never, EVER, pay full price
2. If you think you’ll wear it less than twice, DO NOT BUY IT
3. Does it make sense for you? (Style,price,fabric etc.)
This is about the only real ‘style advice’ I’ll give. If it checks all the boxes for you then buy it! Why? Because you’ll be that much closer to ensuring that you will always have something to wear. It’s a simple strategy that helps me keep a curated closet, that’s filled with wearable and affordable clothing.
This look is all old stuff. Some of it is really old, sandals and jeans I’ve had for 2 + years … the top was a $20 steal from last summer. Sunnies were also from last summer and $5. The bag was a birthday gift from years ago (no i did not pick it out, my friend Tiffany is just a badass who knows me well) and the navy duster is from earlier this year and it’s the only “newness” in this look.

Do I like shopping?

Yes. Duh.

Do I always have money to shop all the time?

No. Duh.


That’s why I have a strategy. It’s sustainable, and guarantees a closet that will allow many combinations. So I can have relevant, chic and seasonally appropriate outfits season after season. Take note that everything pictured is a neutral or primary color. Most of the tailoring/silhouettes are timeless and above all, everything is comfortable and super wearable.

I mean I still *sometimes* throw a Clueless tantrum on occasion, but I’m probably just hormonal at that moment … because deep down, I know I have a closet of old stuff to wear!


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Seasonal Expression Part 3

For the last installment of my spring dress series, I went back to my basic instincts and chose a dress I immediately fell for and never doubted. It’s simply styled and showcases this season’s hottest print…

 * Stripe Right*

Growing up, my grandmother LOVED clothes and had a bit of a shopping problem- in case you’ve ever wondered where I get it from. My grandparents lived directly behind a mall, so they were there quiet a bit. It was her cardio, her social hour, her therapy. Conversely, my mother hated the act of buying anything. So naturally, I loved joining my Abuela any chance I got.
Like any advanced shopper she had her strategies and patterns. She would alternate on who she would shop for – a necessary strategy when you have 5 grandchildren. She also loved buying anything with stripes. From men’s shirts to my dresses. Stripes everywhere, thin ones, multi colored ones, sailor stripes … any stripe was the right stripe. She was so consistent, that she (on several occasions) would purchase the same striped thing twice. I never got to ask her why, although she’d probably shrug and giggle, because who cares?Well I do, because I would like to know why I am attracted to anything with stripes… even a good striped awning on a storefront gets my attention.

Yo no sé

I like my stripes, and now that I’m back to wearing color, I’m unstoppable. Stripes all over the place! I bought this perfectly striped dress in 5 mins. It was a medium (which means nothing), I didn’t try it on, it was $20 and it had STRIPES !

I kept the styling super simple, and went for my favorite cognac duster for a nice color contrast, and paired quilted white high tops to make those thin white lines pop. Just letting the stripes do their thang.

Loving  stripes is probably one of my favorite learned behaviors, right up there with drinking Rosè and eating cheese. Which happen to match my Francophile ambitions (also acquired from Abuela) to a tee.

I will be living in this dress for the next six months BTW, doing the other aforementioned behaviors.

Love the things you love birds, and buy a ton of it- you only live once.



Dress: TJ Maxx

High Top Sneakers: Just Fab

Duster: DressLily

Sunnies: Sunglass Spot

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Seasonal Expression p.2

Part 2

*Not my Mama’s Dress*

I’ve always loved dresses; I’ve always loved my mom too. However, my mom at one point in time, did not love HOW I wore dresses.
It was my junior year of high school and I felt I had enough social clout ( plus a bit of teenage angst) to not really give a flock about what people thought about the way I dressed. I wore vintage ties with button down shirts, sneakers with skirts and my favorite… dresses over jeans. Some liked it, some thought I was crazy; and could care less.
I did care about one unexpected fashion critic, my mama.Enlight86Enlight83Enlight85
I came into the kitchen one morning, wearing this boho print slip dress over jeans, with sneakers (it looked awesome ) She took one look at me, and said “What are you going to wear to school today?”

*it’s important to note that this was 2001 and my high school was a real life ad for Abercrombie*

Annoyed, I replied ” This, I’m wearing THIS” .
A worried (but 100% sincere) look appeared on her face and she said “What if someone makes fun of you?” I said “They won’t ” as I flounced off confidently.Enlight88Enlight84Fast forward to present day, I’m wearing a dress over jeans mainly for practical reasons -it’s Spring and it’s still gets chilly in the evening. Incidentally, all the cool kids are doing it now too. It’s the edgy alternative to wearing tights, because some dresses look better over jeans than hosiery.

This red floral number is no exception, and when paired with a leather biker jacket on top, no one will ever question it because it’s a dynamic look. It took me from day to night and I was incredibly comfortable. I felt feminine and suitably dressed for Spring- but most of all- I felt like the little bird I once was: Boldly exploring the depths of my own personal style.Enlight89In hindsight, I now realize that my mother’s initial reaction to my inventive fashion choices were her just being a protective mama bear; and every creative heart needs protecting so I guess I was in good hands all along despite her early objections. She continues to support me in every creative endeavor with lots of love and genuine excitement, and understands my personal style much better these days, lol. One thing we always agreed on is that personal style should include: being comfortable, true to yourself and feeling great in anything you wear- and that is #flamingostyle at it’s finest.

Dress yourself well, be well, and love your mama birds!


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Seasonal Expression p.1

Spring is here, Winter is a recent memory and the seasonally depressed rejoice! I’m celebrating with a 3 part Spring Dress Edit. There is lots of color, fun prints, and easy ways to layer them during transitional temps!


Part 1
Color me Back

Im just going to go ahead and say it: color and I have been on a break for a while now. We weren’t fighting, we just went separate ways about 4 years ago when I first moved to Florida. Back then, I was desperate to cling to anything that qualified me as a New Yorker still, and my adopted NYC uniform of black and the ocasional pop of white seemed like the thing to keep. I had always favored it and at that point, it became my strategy to stand out sartorially in what I *affectionally* call Eternal Summer land (So Fla).Enlight76Enlight77
Then I find myself back in NYC, mid March, craving vitamin D and some color. Yep. Color. The girl who built a blog around colorful photos of her black and white wardrobe… purchased a pink dress on a dreary grey day, where Spring seemed more like a hope than a guarantee. I fell in absolute love with this perfect shade of coral and it’s girly yet structured silhouette.
It was about 45 degrees when I shot this look, which felt warm in comparison to the lingering winter temps that week.Enlight74
Enlight78I refused to wear pants or thermal tights. My legs needed to breathe,and that they did through tiny little holes in my fishnets. I decided against my standard black boots and went for a warm leopard print boot to compliment the pink.Enlight80Enlight79Enlight81
The trees were still bare in Madison Square Park and I still had to sport my camel coat, but I was the embodiment of Spring and the new cheerleader for color! Speaking of which- my sunglasses are from Brooklyn based, eyewear designer Carla Colour, and are my latest obsession. Their mod, bright style complimented the dress and secured my place as Spring’s unofficial ambassador.

Keeping things bright, because I’m a Flamingo after all!


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It’s no secret that a strong brow is IN. The days of over tweezing are gone and bold brows have swept us off our feet. I have a pretty wimpy natural brow, my hair grows lighter than on my head and grows sparse. I’ve longed for bushy, full brows to live happily ever after with, and while I have yet to find my soulmate, I have encountered some notable brows through experimenting with many different products.

Below I have compiled 3 brows that have made me swoon recently:

The Prep:

Clean, classic and always appropriate. Subtle enough for work, but still very attractive. To create this brow I used NO 7 Beautiful Eyebrow Sculpting Pencil. It’s angled tip helps sculpt your brow and fill in sparse areas easily. You can definitely bring this brow home to Mom.



The Wild Child:

For those fun Saturday nights that easily turn into sleepy Sunday mornings, this brow stands proud in it’s natural glory. Effortlessly cool and edgy. To create this look I used Boy Brow brow gel by Glossier. With a few quick swipes this brow gel fills, fluffs and shapes brows to look like you woke up with them. Apply a few extra swipes for fuller, bushier ‘I’m with the band’ look.



The TeleNovela Star:

Dramatic, gorgeous, and a bit complicated but totally worth it. To create this brow I used two products : Elf Eyebrow Kit and NYX Sculpt and Highlight Brow Contour. First use pencil to sculpt brow, then use eyebrow kit (brush needed) to fill and shade in brow. Lastly use highlight tip on brow pencil to highlight brow bone and blend with finger tips. Striking and glamorous, this brow will get you noticed.


Try these brows soon and enjoy a modern romance or two or all three!



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Pleading GILTy

I love shopping as much as the next bird, but I enjoy shopping the most when it’s discounted. I’m a bargain shopper – guilty as charged.
Which is why I could not be happier to be back in NYC, where sample sales occur on the regular! If you’ve never had the pleasure of experiencing one, here’s the deal:
Sample sales are used by designers/retailers in order to move excess merchandise. Most of the samples have been used in photo shoots or promotional events. These items are then sold at a fraction of the price; typically 60-80% off.
For me, these sales are the perfect opportunity to snag unique, high end pieces that will elevate my wardrobe, like a pair of pony haired platform heels by Charlotte Olympia that will make any of my LBDs stand out… for over 70% off. Enlight51Enlight52The GILT Sample Sale NY is the mother of of all Sample Sales. There is everything you can think of, for both men and women. The latest in apparel, shoes, handbags, jewelry and home decor from designers like Balenciaga, Prada, Valentino, John Varvatos and all at up to 80 percent off retail. They also feature a revamped layout for a much easier shopping experience! There was a lot more room and I was able to browse by price point, trend and size, easily.Enlight50Enlight47Enlight49
There were cool lifestyle offerings as well like onsite styling, on-demand tailoring, and Gilt City concierge. Very similar to the amenities you’d find at a Saks or Nordstrom but with out the department store price tag.
I had a great time treasure hunting and trying on stuff. It’s a fun environment, everyone has a giant shopping bag and is just trying everything on like one big shopping party. I had some tough decisions to make, but had a blast shopping the latest designer trends! NYC birds you have one more day to attend! Enlight48
Click here for tickets
and don’t forget to share what you scored by using #GiltShoppingParty!
Can’t wait to see what you find!

Happy hunting!


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One year, One Bird

A year ago I launched this blog. Hooray.
Warning: this ain’t no warm and fuzzy celebration post with balloons, confetti and me in a tulle skirt – although ya’ll know I love a tulle skirt. In true #flamingostyle, it’s reflective, wordy, and a bit sarcastic.
As I’ve mentioned before, my decision to finally create a blog was more than just a vehicle for me to write at least once a week and get my creative on. It was a life line.
4 years ago my life changed in many ways. While it changed in many positive ways, like getting married, starting a new career path in luxury retail and adopting our adorable dog; it changed in not so great ways too.Enlight40Enlight38
I changed, and forgot a bunch of shit.
I forgot how I need time to myself, I forgot that I need to be creative as much as I need to breathe, and I forgot that I thrive when I venture down the road less traveled.
I just fucking forgot.
I forgot that I’m a damn bird, I forgot a piece of myself.
So then I started waking up and remembering, I got mad at myself and then took action. I started with the one thing that has saved me (literally) during my most trying times; I started writing. I kept it light and fun and just talked about the things I wanted to talk about. Personal style, beauty products…I even published lists of things I wanted to talk about, and people actually paid attention and talked back. Some agreed with the things I said and some even thought I was funny … HA.

I can’t tell you how wonderfully validating your feedback over the past year has been. So inspiring and down right delightful. I wasn’t ready for it. It was terrific.
Then there was the other piece, the visual side of things. The intimidating side of things. Styling looks was a no brainer; it’s only like my favorite thing to do other than eat and have sex.Enlight39
But me styling myself, then taking pictures?
You can imagine why it took me so long to start a blog, the me prancing-around like-a-model side of things scared the life out of me.
For starters, I had gained weight and didn’t feel very model-esque, but I’m also so awkward and goofy – my faces alone are tiny disasters. I think I’m doing a sexy smile and in reality I look like I need to go #2. I’m better off being a cartoon, seriously.
Fortunately, I started this journey with my partner in crime, my husband. Who also blogs and has become this incredible, self taught photographer right before my eyes. Not only does he motivate and inspire me everyday, but he takes all of the shots you’ve seen on here. We’ve grown creatively together, and he understands my vision and reminds me to stay true to myself, and to not make that face that makes me look like I need to run to the bathroom. He’s also taught me the basics, how to edit, and how to see the world in a new way. I have fallen in love with photography all over again as a result. Creating images that make people feel something is addictive, and I’m hooked. Enlight37Enlight36So here we are, one year down. I’ve grown a small but faithful following. I’ve met some amazing, creative souls through blogging. Some of which I now consider some of my closest friends. I’ve discovered what I really want to do with my life (hint, it does not involve wearing a suit), and I’ve started to respect and own my voice.
I can’t wait for what lies ahead, this blog has truly been a catalyst for everything I’ve wanted to change in my life! I’m proud of the bird I’ve become and can’t thank you birds enough for allowing me to chronicle my journey. Stay tuned this week on Insta for throwbacks of some of my favorite posts!
Happy Anniversary #LeChronicles

Love you all, my finely feathered friends!

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Let’s hear it for the boys

I grew up with boys, I grew up liking boys and now I kinda like to dress like one.
Don’t get me wrong, I love a pop of pink or a good ruffle every now and then, but my base line will always be neutrals and clean lines…which I’ll often steal from the boys.Enlight26From “borrowing” my brother’s baseball tees and hoodies to thrift diving for men’s ties and button downs, I have always leaned towards men inspired pieces. I love the simplicity. Plus it’s fun to sport big soft girly waves, a big butt -then slap a hoodie on because I find juxtaposition exciting even in it’s cheapest form.Enlight24Enlight29Enlight18
For this look, I’m sporting a men’s hoodie tee from Target, I went one size up to wear it like a tunic over leggings and high tops. I added my favorite blush bucket bag for a splash of femininity and wore silver statement necklace for some bling. This all too easy look is affordable, comfortable and incredibly on trend right now. It has been a clutch look for me during the weather roller coaster I’ve been on since moving to NYC a few months back. I guess boys are good for more than kissing and talking bout’ football with.Enlight25For more details shop my links below and stay tuned for more chronicles in April!



Hoodie- Target

Hooded Parka- Who What Wear for Target *SOLD OUT

Gloves and Leggings- Zara *similar*

Sunglasses – Sunglass Spot

Bucket Bag – Rebecca Minkoff 

Sneakers- Reebok

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