Live to Inspire with Boy Meets Girl

Many years ago in 2010, what seems like 4 lives ago, I had the pleasure of meeting a kind and talented soul by the name of Stacy Igel.

She is the creative director behind the young contemporary brand: Boy Meets Girl. We met at my old job, SOHO House NY, where I was chosen to be a part of a shoot featuring her and the brand for Elle magazine. Stacy dressed the entire female service staff with adorable dresses that were as airy and comfortable as they were chic. Needless to say, that dress was one of the best things I’ve worn at any job to date. I instantly became a Boy Meets Girl fan, and dove head first into the collection. Stacy’s pieces were made to be worn and loved, and it was clear that she didn’t make anything she wouldn’t wear herself.

Fast forward to today, still wearing and loving my Boy Meets Girl pieces, it gives so much joy to see the evolution of this brand and the woman behind it.  Boy Meets Girl is effortless, always relevant, and always comfortable. It’s the kind of fashion that takes a positive stand on important causes including anti-bullying, immigration and gay rights. It celebrates living a life of style and purpose. It’s born and bred in New York but likes to travel, as you can find BMG from Paris to Finland.

It’s hard to believe that such a youthful brand has been around since 2001, and can boast being in retailers such as Bergdorf Goodman, Nordstrom,  Colette in Paris( to name a few) and has most recently launched in Macy’s! To celebrate the launch this month, I partnered with Boy Meets Girl to be a part of their ‘Live to Inspire’ campaign where I took their track suit for a spin together with fellow NYC blogger, Reza Cristian. I had a blast styling it in less transitional ways by breaking up the set and dressing the individual pieces up a bit. Reza is sporting her hoodie over a cropped tee and denim skirt- perfect for day or night in NYC. As for my look, you all know I LOVE to be comfortable, and stylishly wearing sweatpants on a night out is the epitome of comfort!

In addition to the fun shoot, I was asked a few questions by the brand that I was humbled to answer. Please see below:

What (or who) inspires you?

Anyone who has the audacity to stand for change – whether it’s personally, in their community or the world.

What do you love about the state you live in? 

New York City. All of it. Give me the crazy, non stop sights, sounds, people, energy…everything. I adore it all. It is my first love.

Causes you advocate for? 

There are many causes I believe in, but one that is close to my heart is marriage equality. Why should anyone prevent two people in love from making their union legal? I have NEVER understood that, the world needs more love, not less of it.

Are you excited for our Macy’s launch? Do you shop at Macy’s?

I’ve shopped at Macy’s since I was a little girl. I would accompany my grandmother on weekend shopping trips  there and  have fond memories. I’m so psyched for #boymeetsgirl to launch at Macy’s and for more people to discover this amazing brand!


I truly love this brand and what they stand for, and their new collection at Macy’s has something for every girl! I will be rounding up my girls this WEEKEND to go to Macy’s Herald Square and try everything on; if you are in the New York Metro area, I strongly suggest you join! Shoot me an email or DM on Instagram for more to details. If you can’t make it, don’t fret you can find a few pieces online already like this fab sweatshirt .


Stay stylish and stay inspired girls!



Photographed by @thedappermethod

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