How to be a Sporty Spice


The Athleisure trend is not going anywhere anytime soon and I could not be happier!  (Cue me jumping for joy). Even the most devout Loub wearing fashionista can be seen rocking a classic sneaker lately. In this edition of The List, I’m sharing 6 ways to weave this trend into your wardrobe without compromising your own personal stylethe-grind-0256the-grind-0259the-grind-0261

For me Athleisure was a welcomed trend, because as you know I need to be comfortable at all times. However, I like looking polished and put together. Here’s how I like to do it :

1. The Graphic Tee: I’m a proud collector of graphic tees. Some have a cool logo, some have a curse word or a Beyoncé lyric, and are all on heavy rotation. I love pairing them with dressier pieces, like a silk midi skirt or my favorite pair of crepe joggers.

2. The Bomber: this jacket trend has taken the world by storm this season, am I just happy I already have several of them in my closet. I’ve been obsessed with bombers since the 90’s Member’s Only days. I love their simplicity and versatility. They can add the right amount of casual cool to any look. My favorite palm printed bomber is the perfect light layer and gives this look a bit of structure.

3. The Jogger: I used to think this silhouette wasn’t right for my body type. I then looked a bit harder, and found a few pairs that cinched right at my waist, and highlighted my curves instead of hiding them. Remember, excess fabric in the wrong places work against us. I also suggest steering away from cotton blends, as they tend to cling and resemble lounge wear.

4. The Sneaker: this is by far the easiest element to nailing this trend. There are unlimited options! Chucks in a bright neon, Vans in a funky print or a throw back shoe like the Adidas Stan Smith’s or Reebok Classics. Pick one that’s comfy, and get creative!

5. The Hair: nothing says sporty like hair out of the face. A high pony or an easy sock bun help achieve a chic and clean look that doesn’t distract from the athletically awesome elements in your look.

6. The Details: Mesh panels, zippers, black and white stripes and racer back tops. These details are so accessible and finish off any Athleisure look.the-grind-0263the-grind-0258

These elements can be worn all together or sprinkled into any look. Think outside the box – Converse with dress pants, a bomber over a lacy slip dress, a graphic tee with an ultra feminine skirt. Any sort of sporty/dressy juxtaposition will help you create a show stopping look, while effortlessly excuting this massive trend.

From one good sport to another,



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