How to effortlessly stand out : A Guide

1. Be yourself, always. Seriously.
2. Wear black and a pop of your current color crush (mine is teal right now).
3. Wear your favorite pieces. Who cares if they aren’t new. They’ve survived your closet edits for a reason. Wear them proudly. Mine are my creme pink sunnies from Forever 21. They fit beautifullly and match with everything. I’ve worn them to death over the past 5 years.
4. Bare face, bright lip! Nothing says effortless, like a bold, confident lip and a fresh face. NYX butter glosses are perfect for an easy lightweight lip. My go-to shade right now is Peach Cobbler.
5. Be different, be you! Instead of buying only trends and popular labels, research smaller designers and visit local markets that feature independent designers and brands. I discovered Min Mon last year at Artist & Fleas in Soho and immediately fell in love with their whimsical and chic approach to leather goods. The crossbody I am wearing by them brings me so much happiness. It’s also quite the conversation piece.

6. Have a signature piece of jewelry. Whether it’s a family heirloom, an artisanal find, or costume jewelry. Find a piece you love and never want to take off- then never take it off. My middle finger ring is a retired piece from Tiffany & Company
7. Wear it like YOU would. Between ads and social media, we are constantly bombarded with images on what things SHOULD look like. I say, if you’re buying it, you should wear it the way you would and not worry what everyone else is doing
8. Again, be yourself, always. It’s the best way to stand out!



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