Dear Sweater Dress

Dear Sweater Dress,

I’ve really waited too long to say this but, I love you.

I remember the early days, back in the fall of 2006, when I first moved to New York. I was so excited to live in a place that actually had a winter and even more thrilled about what that meant for my wardrobe. I bought 18 versions of you. From basic black to stripes, I was a girl obsessed with the effortless warmth and style you offered.

You make me feel like I am swaddled in a giant knit blanket, while allowing me to fool others that I’m stylish (not lazy) when I pair you with tights and an over the knee boot. I can be on trend AND seasonally appropriate while not wearing any pants. You’re the ultimate style hack, a fashion ninja, and lately… my new soulmate.

We’ve already have made some great memories this season, pairing you with a fur vest or under a soft teddy coat. I’m so excited to take you ice skating in Central Park, Christmas parties, and even holiday shopping. Because with you, there is nothing we can’t do. Well that is… err…till Rosè season; but you’re used to being the object of a seasonal romance anyway.

let’s just focus on the present, shall we?



Hat: Bailey’s of Hollywood

Sweater Dress: Tobi 

Vest: Old Navy

Boots : DSW

Bag: Kate Spade

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