Dear Fall

Dear Fall,

How are have you been? It’s been a long time since we’ve chatted. I know that’s my fault ( the whole moving to a sub- tropical climate thing), but I’m back in our city and I can’t wait to see what you do this year! The sun is already changing and I can feel you near. I can smell the Pumpkin Spice already, and I’ve been wearing booties all week. I’m so excited for the fun things we’ll do together this year; and of course the things I’ll be wearing.

Even though it’s still 78 degrees, I’ve already started to layer ( for practice)  and soon those layers will become a bit heavier- like a cozy knit over an all plaid suit or a jewel toned scarf paired with a dark floral dress. I’m ready! Ready for crisp, cool days of exploring the city, walking Central Park, and taking quick trips outside the city to pick apples, and visits to pumpkin patches with a spiced Chai in hand. I’m ready for chilly evenings on my fire escape watching the leaves change on the adjacent tree outback, sipping hot cider and watching the stars. Don’t get me wrong, summer was great- steamy walks around the city in ruffled or off the shoulder tops and sandals that end with an Aperol Spritz are certainly nothing to complain about. But my heart belongs to you sweet autumn; ever since I was a little girl trapped in a swamp land, longing for fall foliage and to wear boots with out sweating.

I’ve been day dreaming of  wearing your colors and finding the perfect navy turtleneck or muted gold handbag to mix with with the many blush accents I have acquired that past few seasons (thankfully all things pink are not going away), and I’ve already started the hunt for a piece in Maple Orange, which is predicted to be your hit color this year. I find myself checking the weather app on my phone more and more to see when you’ll make your first appearance.  I’ll be waiting patiently, sporting a wine colored nail polish and any scarf that won’t suffocate me in these last days of summer. Hurry soon, we’ve been apart for far too long.

With love,


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