Women of a Certain Age: What to wear after 30

Now that I’m officially ‘thirty something’ I enjoy hearing and reading the opinions of many women (especially younger) on what I shoud no longer be wearing and where I should no longer be shopping. A month in to being 33, I find it hysterical. So here is a satirical list of sound sartorial habits after 30.

1. Adjust your hemline, mini skirts can make a woman in her 30’s look like she’s chasing her youth.
2. Avoid bold accessories, especially brightly colored ones, grabbing people’s attention with clothing is a young woman’s game.
3. After 30, one should only purchase investment pieces instead of fast trends. $10 sunglasses from the back of an H&M need not apply.
4. Sport at least one designer item at all times, even if you have to max out your credit card. How else will you be taken seriously by other women?
5. Dress to impress only other women and gay men. Who cares if you feel sexy in tighter clothing or skinny jeans. It’s not chic to dress sexy after 30. Especially if you are married or are a mother.
6. At work, trade your flats for heels, especially if the bottoms are red. It is the only way to assert your power and maturity. Pack some bandaids, you’re a big girl.
7. Progressive designers are for cool girls in their 20’s. If a woman over 30 wears a designer bag that no one recognizes, is she even relevant? On that note, when selecting any designer item, the more logos the better, so everyone knows that you’re wearing something expensive.
8. Pick a staple wardrobe and do not deviate. Trends are for young women that don’t have enough money to invest in quality pieces.
9. Cut back on the leather clothing. Unless you’re in a motorcycle gang, wearing too much leather can seem like you’re trying too hard. Trade your moto jacket for a tailored leather trim blazer instead, much more age appropriate.
10. Abort mission when it comes to sheer or mesh tops. Again dressing overtly sexy is for the young and you’re old.

*Editor’s note: After 30, embrace humor in all forms and wear whatever the fuck you want, when you want!

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How to effortlessly stand out : A Guide

1. Be yourself, always. Seriously.
2. Wear black and a pop of your current color crush (mine is teal right now).
3. Wear your favorite pieces. Who cares if they aren’t new. They’ve survived your closet edits for a reason. Wear them proudly. Mine are my creme pink sunnies from Forever 21. They fit beautifullly and match with everything. I’ve worn them to death over the past 5 years.
4. Bare face, bright lip! Nothing says effortless, like a bold, confident lip and a fresh face. NYX butter glosses are perfect for an easy lightweight lip. My go-to shade right now is Peach Cobbler.
5. Be different, be you! Instead of buying only trends and popular labels, research smaller designers and visit local markets that feature independent designers and brands. I discovered Min Mon last year at Artist & Fleas in Soho and immediately fell in love with their whimsical and chic approach to leather goods. The crossbody I am wearing by them brings me so much happiness. It’s also quite the conversation piece.

6. Have a signature piece of jewelry. Whether it’s a family heirloom, an artisanal find, or costume jewelry. Find a piece you love and never want to take off- then never take it off. My middle finger ring is a retired piece from Tiffany & Company
7. Wear it like YOU would. Between ads and social media, we are constantly bombarded with images on what things SHOULD look like. I say, if you’re buying it, you should wear it the way you would and not worry what everyone else is doing
8. Again, be yourself, always. It’s the best way to stand out!



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Summa Summa Summer time : What I wore and What I didn’t

Summer is coming to a close ( soon I hope ) and I can’t help on reflecting on what I wore and what I didn’t. You have often heard me say that I don’t buy into a lot of trends. My closet is filled with staple and investment pieces. Most of my wardrobe consist of pieces I can wear at work and off duty, and are black or white. When I do buy into a trend that I just can’t resist…I buy light and strategically, because no one needs 8 OTS tops. I’m also pretty skilled at deciphering what trends are for me and what trends  I’ll leave on the rack for someone else. In this edition of The List, I’m sharing the Summer trends I loved and the ones I chose not to participate in.

Trends that spent time in the Sun:

1.Off the shoulder: this trend has been alive prior seasons, but it really exploded this Summer. Even the  crazy ( possibly homeless) lady on my block wore an #OTS . Not just the cool kids were doing it, we all were! Since it’s such a feminine silhoutte, I liked wearing OTS dresses best, so easy to wear from day to night, and kept me cool on humid summer nights.

2.Culottes: I never say never, but this was a trend I NEVER thought I would partake in. I’m curvy, and the basic guidelines for dressing a curvy body usually consist of accentuating said curves with form fitting clothing. BUT when I found roomy, high waisted, mid-length pants that cinch my waist and give the rest of my lower half some breathing room (i.e. my crotch) I was a believer. It’s like wearing chic pajamas pants! Not to mention, they are perfect to wear from day to night, and pairing with a basic cotton tee or a form fitting top is too easy.

3.Kimonos: When I saw images of women dressed up in silky robe lookin’ things in magazines a few season’s ago, I was instantly in love. Once again, all my pajama dreams were coming true. I was a bit weary at first, since I’m short and I was concerned that a large, shapeless piece of fabric would hide my own shape and make me look like a floral printed amoeba. Thankfully, no such thing happened, and I figured out that if I wore a skin tight skirt underneath and tee that shows a bit of cleavage, no one will question my shape and I can have yet another reason to prance around in PJs.

Trends I through some shade at:

1.Gingham: I love plaid and most checked print. I find it to be very chic and reminscent of a Parisian Summer. However, I didn’t find the right Gingham piece for me this summer, despite all of the options. I do own a skirt from a few years ago, but didn’t feel compelled to wear it for whatever reason. It just didn’t fit my mood this summer I guess. Image Source 

2. Embroidered Floral denim: This adorable trend did not make the cut for me this Summer because it goes against my personal denim philosophy of finding the perfect pair of jeans and owning them till there are wholes near the thighs… #curvygirlproblems. I’m so picky with jeans that despite the many cute pairs of floral denim out there, I didn’t find a pair I absolutely had to have, and didn’t feel like investing into the trend. But for all of you that did, I’m sure it pairs beautifully with your Gingham blouse.

Image Source

3. Twin sets: I love this trend actually, and don’t think it’s going anywhere anytime soon. I didn’t buy into it because it was so difficult to find a set that fit me perfectly. Since, I’m small up top and large on the bottom, finding a set that worked was frustrating- it brought me back to bathing suit shopping, which isn’t particularly fun for me. Had I found one that fit properly, I would have worn it all summer long because it would make dressing so easy. I hope this trend sticks around so I can continue to hunt for a set that fits just right.

Image Source

Not all trends are created equal and not all trends are for everyone. With social media, magazines and store fronts constantly telling us what to wear, it’s important to realize what trends work for us and what trends don’t. One of the pillars of personal style, and mission statements is : wear what makes sense to you. It should be comfortable and help you express your own personal style in the best way possible.

Dress your best birds,



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Habits of a Bird

In spite of my seemingly evergreen wardrobe ( trust me it is not) I’m a creature of habit, just like every other bird out there. I wear things to death and I often turn articles of clothing into security blankets. Yes, just like Linus from Peanuts. I become very attached to certain pieces and wear them out.
It’s summer in the city, it’s hot and I do not want to think about what I’m wearing so I have a few crucial basics on rotation to keep things easier and I couldn’t think of a better way of sharing them with you than bringing back The List!

So it here it goes, ya’ll know the drill!

1. The Kimono:

I’ve been wanting one for a while, and couldn’t find the perfect one. Until this one appeared in my life. Dusty pastels, vintage floral and satiny goodness makes me feel like I’m at home lounging!

Found @ Forever 21

2. The Slip On Sneaker:

What are pink, have bows, and are the cutest pair of sneakers ever?! These slip ons that are as light as they are affordably adorable!

Found @ Just Fab

3. The Little Cross body:

Cross body bags are pretty much the only way to stylishly enjoy a Summer in the City, and this one is the best example. Fits my keys, cell phone and a small card case… even lip gloss and it’s in 2017’s hottest shade: Blush pink. It’s the perfect accessory for rooftop parties, outdoor concerts or any sort of adventure!

Found @ Imoshion

4. The Tee:

Soft and sort of see-through and with a deep V that keeps things sexy. A soft V neck tee is a summer essential, and this one has been with me for years.

Found @ J Crew Outlet

These essentials keep me feeling stylish and comfortable all summer long and best of all, all were under $40! Click on the links above to shop each item and stay tuned for more of The List.

Hope everyone is having a fantastic summer!


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Keep it Moving

As most of you know, I’ll be moving back to New York City in a few weeks. In this edition of The List, I’m taking a look back at the first time I left my hometown of Miami, back in 2006. I was 21 with no idea of what I was getting myself into. I left home to pursue a career in acting, with a scholarship to a small acting conservatory in New York City. What  I didn’t account for then, was how this experience would shape me more than any experience yet. Naturally, moving to one of the most intense, fastest and over populated cities in the world, magnified this experience. However, the lessons I learned are universal.

Here’s a list of 5 things I learned quickly, and not always gracefully when I moved:

  1. Being from Miami is not like being from anywhere else: Not only are the cafe con leches not as good, but being Hispanic anywhere else is, well,  just being Hispanic. Especially in a big city where everyone is from somewhere else. Most people ( to my surprise) knew very little about my culture. Many assumed my Cuban mother’s meals consisted of tortillas and beans, and guessed I only drank rum. Funnily enough, it made me prouder to be Cuban American and educate people on my cultural distinctions.
  2.  Figure it out: Not having the resources I had back home, I often had to just FIGURE IT OUT. Moving out of an apartment (a yearly ritual for most New Yorkers), finding a job, finding a plumber, filing your taxes…etc. I no longer had an inner circle of family and friends that could physically help or “knew a guy”. This taught me how to be resourceful, how to research and plan -prior to smart phones- and just how to make something happen while solo.
  3. What do I want to do? : In Miami, my inner circle was decades old. I was comfortable and cozy in all my relationships, and as most of us tend to do, we fall into a routine of habits and traditions. Which can be lovely, but are hard to break out of. When I moved, I had no friends, no traditions, no family nearby and I was able to really examine what I wanted to do. From there I made my own traditions, like apple picking every fall, or watching Love Actually every Christmas season with my best friend while we decorate.
  4. Who am I?: This one is definitely hard to simplify, but suffice it to say that sometimes you got to tear something down to really see what it’s made of. The circumstances and challenges I faced away from home helped shaped me into the person I am. Certain experiences tested my values and showed me who I really was, and I just built from there.
  5. Home is where the heart is: I’ve said before that when I moved to New York my heart broke into two uneven pieces. One piece belonged under the South Florida sun, in my back yard, with my dad and brothers telling dirty jokes while my mom complains that it’s too chilly to be outside ( 72 degrees). The other piece belonged to the busy, robust streets of New York, where every corner has a story about “that one night” or an interesting person that I…met randomly, or dated, or shared a cab with, or became life long friend’s with. Every New York moment plays like a movie in my head, but my Miami memories are a song that just plays in the back ground on loop. After 6 years in NYC and 4 years back in Miami, I still can’t tell you which piece is bigger. My real home is a combination of the two places, one a place I was born in, the other a place I bloomed in.

I have no idea what this move will be like. For starters I’m ten years older, and I now have a husband and dog in tow. My goals and perspective have obviously changed, and my appreciation for my family has deepened. New York ( true to it’s form) has also changed considerably. I’m filled with varying ranges of emotions and a of touch anxiety (a healthy dose?). But for the most part, I’m enjoying the transition and starting from scratch. I have zero expectations and excitement is the winning emotion these days. I can’t wait to see what this move has to teach me and who I will become.

Thank you for reading along and helping me grow in so many ways this year, which no doubt empowered me to make some huge changes, like this move.

Free flying and joyfully yours,



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Easy Hair, Don’t Care

I tend to get bored easily, especially with my hair. I wish I had the time and the energy to wear my hair in a different hairstyle from Pinterest every day, but I don’t! I like to keep a simple routine during the work week and often wear my hair straight or with soft waves. So naturally, after a whole week of wearing my hair one of two ways, and wearing the same work attire day in and day out, I want to let loose on the weekend and get creative! On this edition of The List, I have rounded up for 4 incredibly easy hairstyles for the weekend that take 5 minutes or less. All you’ll need is a large wide tooth comb, your favorite serum or dry oil ( I’m currently obsessed with Renewing + Argan Oil of Morocco ) and bobby pins or elastic hair ties. These styles will work on most hairtypes and work best on clean, dry hair. My hair is naturally wavy, so I like to start with my hair blown out.thelist4-5thelist4-6

  1. Fun Buns: Split hair into 2 halves, gather one half of hair like a high pony tail and begin twisting hair into a loose bun, secure with 2-4 bobby pins depending on hair thickness, and repeat on other side. The key is to not make them look perfect, a few loose strands around the face make it look more effortless and less reminiscent of a 5 year old’s hairstyle. Spritz serum or dry oil to tame any unwanted fly aways.thelist4-7
  2. Pocahontas Braids: Split hair into 2 halves, gather one half of hair under your ear and begin braiding hair. Secure with elastic band. I like to do these a bit on the tighter side to avoid them falling apart. I also like leave about 1/2 an inch or more not braided at the bottom. Spritz serum or dry oil to make ends appear shiny.thelist4-4
  3. Top Bun: this style has been on trend all year and is both chic AND easy. I like to start by using a wide tooth comb to separate a section of hair at the top of my head. This section should be as wide as your forehead. Gather into a pony tail and begin to twist into a loose bun, then secure with 3-5 bobby pins depending on hair thickness. Like the Fun Buns, the goal is not to be perfect. Spritz serum or dry oil where needed to tame fly aways.thelist3-7thelist4-8
  4. The Topsy Bun: This easy two part style brings back the Topsy Tail with a sophisticated twist! Gather hair into a low pony, secure with elastic. Then create a space in the center of the pony to loop it through, depending on hair length, you may have to repeat this step. Flip hair one more time and secure flipped hair at the top of pony with bobby pins ( use as many as needed).  Spritz serum or dry oil to tame any fly aways. *This style works best on medium length hair.

Remember, each of these styles are not meant to be perfect and should take no more than 5 minutes each. You can use a light hold hairspray if you wish, but it’s not necessary. These styles will instantly add fun to any weekend look, and are too easy to not try!



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How to be a Sporty Spice


The Athleisure trend is not going anywhere anytime soon and I could not be happier!  (Cue me jumping for joy). Even the most devout Loub wearing fashionista can be seen rocking a classic sneaker lately. In this edition of The List, I’m sharing 6 ways to weave this trend into your wardrobe without compromising your own personal stylethe-grind-0256the-grind-0259the-grind-0261

For me Athleisure was a welcomed trend, because as you know I need to be comfortable at all times. However, I like looking polished and put together. Here’s how I like to do it :

1. The Graphic Tee: I’m a proud collector of graphic tees. Some have a cool logo, some have a curse word or a Beyoncé lyric, and are all on heavy rotation. I love pairing them with dressier pieces, like a silk midi skirt or my favorite pair of crepe joggers.

2. The Bomber: this jacket trend has taken the world by storm this season, am I just happy I already have several of them in my closet. I’ve been obsessed with bombers since the 90’s Member’s Only days. I love their simplicity and versatility. They can add the right amount of casual cool to any look. My favorite palm printed bomber is the perfect light layer and gives this look a bit of structure.

3. The Jogger: I used to think this silhouette wasn’t right for my body type. I then looked a bit harder, and found a few pairs that cinched right at my waist, and highlighted my curves instead of hiding them. Remember, excess fabric in the wrong places work against us. I also suggest steering away from cotton blends, as they tend to cling and resemble lounge wear.

4. The Sneaker: this is by far the easiest element to nailing this trend. There are unlimited options! Chucks in a bright neon, Vans in a funky print or a throw back shoe like the Adidas Stan Smith’s or Reebok Classics. Pick one that’s comfy, and get creative!

5. The Hair: nothing says sporty like hair out of the face. A high pony or an easy sock bun help achieve a chic and clean look that doesn’t distract from the athletically awesome elements in your look.

6. The Details: Mesh panels, zippers, black and white stripes and racer back tops. These details are so accessible and finish off any Athleisure look.the-grind-0263the-grind-0258

These elements can be worn all together or sprinkled into any look. Think outside the box – Converse with dress pants, a bomber over a lacy slip dress, a graphic tee with an ultra feminine skirt. Any sort of sporty/dressy juxtaposition will help you create a show stopping look, while effortlessly excuting this massive trend.

From one good sport to another,



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Fall Pretending

This edition of The List goes out to all of my South Florida babes who yearn for more than a PSL and dark nail shades after September.

Here, Fall is an abstract idea, so we must PRETEND.

Despite the pumpkin patches throughout the city, jewel toned sweaters in nearly every store, and pumpkin spiced EVERYTHING… we are not like the rest of the country. For most people, it is a fleeting, bittersweet time, that is meant to be enjoyed. For us, we’re just trying to rock a light scarf from the car to the restaurant with out dying, because the 5th circle of hell enjoys cooler temps this time of year than we do. It’s 100 degrees outside still, 95% humidity, and allllll you want is to do is look like the girl with a turtleneck on Madewell.com’s landing page, because it’s fall DAMMIT. Unfortunately, heat exhaustion is an all too real phenomenon, so I have compiled a list of 5 all too easy ways of pretending it’s fall.thelist2-0152thelist2-0141thelist2-0150

  1. Wool hats: Nothing says “I go apple picking on the weekends” like a wool hat. The wider the brim the better, and make sure it’s not too thick or fuzzy, because again, we’re trying to not to die.
  2. Patterns:  Fall evokes softer and warmer vibes. Go the nostalgic route with a broad gingham or plaid, or go the earthy route with a pretty paisley or muted floral print.
  3. Lip Color: No matter what you are wearing, the perfect shade of lipstick can turn an otherwise summery look, into a moody fall look. Other than the obvious reds and burgundy shades, a warm nude gives just the right amount of autumnal oomph.
  4. Booties:  Sort of an obvious option. As sexy as over-the- knee and mid-calf boots are, sweating in them all the time is NOT. Snag some ankle booties for the many hot days where you just can’t have giant pieces of leather suffocating your legs.
  5. Texture: So you can’t wear a chunky sweater with a corduroy skirt with out marinating in a pool of your own sweat, BUT you can play with fall appropriate textures with your accessories. A wool back pack here, some leather trim there will help you achieve the seasonal look you desire. Velvet or suede footwear are also great options, just make sure to check the weather prior to wearing or have your Uber pull up real close to your destination.thelist2-0159thelist2-0156thelist2-0153thelist2-0154thelist2-0160

It’s unfair that we can’t fully enjoy seasons in South Florida, but these hacks will help you pretend you live in a cooler climate. Before you know it, you’ll be asking for your PSL hot instead of iced.

Stay cool while looking cool birds,



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Best of Summer Beauty

Hello Birds!

I’m happy to announce a new category on The Flamingo Chronicles : The List

Bi-monthly I will round up some of my favorite things for you and where to find them. Everything from style, music, movies, beauty to even where to eat. Nothing is off limits and I love a good list so if there’s something you’d like to see on The List, don’t be shy and let me know.

With summer coming to a close, the inaugural list features my favorite affordable beauty products of the summer that have been on constant repeat, and will probably continue to be this fall!They have helped me achieve a polished yet natural look all summer long, and look even better when coupled with a tan. Click on the links below to snag them!



  1. Morgans Moisturizer : all natural ingredients, no fragrance, no problem.
  2. NYX Born To Glow Liquid Illuminator: lightweight and subtle, this has been my go to highlight.
  3. EOS Shave Cream: the maker of those adorably addictive lip balm balls makes a shave cream that is hands down the best shave cream I have ever used! It provides 24 hours of deep moisture and smells amazing ( Vanilla Bliss is my fave). This has actually made me enjoy shaving my legs, which is a miracle.
  4. Rimmel ScandalEyes Waterproof Eyeliner Pencil: I hoard eyeliners of all colors and price points, and this became one of my favorites this summer. Goes on smooth, great color payoff, and stays on all day- everything you’d want from a $7 pencil and more.
  5. Katy Kat Eye Hydro-fuge Mascara by Covergirl: This collection had a major moment this summer, and there is a reason for the hype other than the cute packaging and pop star affliation. The wand has a nice design and the formula goes on with out clumps and stays on while giving your lashes a pretty flair. It gives a noticeable boost, but it’s still subtle enough for daytime wear.
  6. Katy Kat Matte Lip: What’s not to love! The names are as cute as the wide array of colors. It provides a nice matte finish without over drying. My fave colors include Maroon Meow and Coral Cat.
  7. Rimmel Lasting Finish by Kate Lipstick: Another celeb with a K had a lipstick collection this summer, and I have been obsessed with the Kate Moss line. Especially the Rossetto shade, I wear it everyday, and it goes with everything beautifully.
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