Underneath it All

I’ve lived my life in several different versions of my body. If I’m being completely honest, the current version is my least favorite. Worry not, I’m not unveiling some deep seeded body image issues or a story about a time where I was made to feel bad about my body. It’s only my least favorite because frankly, I’m still getting used to dressing it.

I’ve been very thin, I’ve been toned, I’ve been 40 pounds overweight. I’ve been called flat chested in my early 20’s, then celebrated for having ‘ a perfect handful’ and now am the proud owner of ‘big boobs’; I’m a late bloomer I guess.
It’s as exciting as it is confusing- I’m dressing a whole new girl! I’m accustomed to dealing with the curves on my back side, not in the front. Pants, bathing suit bottoms and shorts will forever be a challenge for me. I’ve become skilled at dealing with said challenge. However, buying a top used to be a more relaxed experience, I was always between a small and a medium and could often eyeball a top before buying without trying it on.
Those days are over.
But let’s pause for a second to get a few things out of the way.
1. I love my body, but it’s a complex love. Like less romantic and more like the way I love my younger brother.
2. I’m 100% grateful for my sudden change in cup size, and the fact that it was $free.99, despite my lamenting.
3. Again, I love my breasts and the rest of my body (please refer to items above)

Okay, and we’re back. Nowadays, I have to worry about looking too sexy in a sweater set. Fantastic. As if living in NYC with a full time career, part time blog, husband and dog didn’t keep me busy. New hobbies include: throwing good bras away and not wearing favorite (formerly oversized) vintage tees due to fear of looking like a busty teenager that hasn’t realized she’s developed before everyone else in her class.
Also under new hobbies, I finally experienced real bra shopping. Like the kind where you try on a bunch and NONE of them fit right. It’s not fun, I wouldn’t recommend it to a friend or foe. However, I would recommend Upbra. Full disclosure, when they approached me for a review, I was a bit weary. I’m very particular with undergarments in general and because of my current ‘growth’ in that area, I didn’t feel comfortable just sending my bra size and reviewing whatever came in the mail.
Good thing that didn’t occur. I was instead given a link to their site where I can size myself using my phone. Of all the things I now do with my phone, pressing my breasts against my IPhone was not something I thought was possible. But it was and worked terrifically along with a series of detailed questions; it nailed my bra size. Which is something three women and a few eye rolls at Victoria Secret couldn’t do, so color me impressed.
Once I got my size, I browsed through my options on their site by what I wanted to focus on. I needed a supportive strapless for the warmer weather, so that was my first go to. Then their T-Shirt Bra caught my eye, it boasted comfort, lift and controllable cleavage. When they arrived (quickly) I was very impressed by how both bras fit, and how they provide the exact support that was advertised. They both make me feel supported and sexy, a feeling I haven’t felt from a bra in a long time.

In conclusion to my lengthy diatribe on my new boobs and the feat that is dressing them… I’ve learned several things thanks to Upbra. New found curves are a good thing, the internet CAN be helpful with intimate matters, and my IPhone can officially help me with ANYTHING.

Go here to check out my new favorite bra 

*Editor’s Note: In the spirit of full transparency and empowering my audience to love their bodies at every phase, all photos have not been retouched to hide, minimize, or maximize – because I  believe (even at low points) that our most beautiful selves lie underneath  it all.




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Treat your Bootay

Ever since I got my first summer job, a longtime ago, I started a little reward system for myself. Once a month, I’d treat myself to new underwear. It was a little personal treat that started after one random visit to Victoria Secret on payday. At the time, it felt super grown up- treating myself to a little luxury that made me feel sexy and confident. Since then, it has been a ritual I’ve maintained. Of course I’ve since branched out to different stores/brands and have a slight tendency to purchase underwear SEVERAL times a month, depending on how stressed I am. For me, it is the perfect little pick-me -up, whether I am having a great day or a really long one.

Of course now that I live in NYC, I’m (like every New Yorker) obsessed with getting everything delivered, and can’t get enough of  it! Groceries, wine, dry cleaning…and underwear?!

Enter BootayBag:

BootayBag is a monthly women’s underwear service – for just $12 a month and free shipping you can #treatyoself with new undies picked to fit your own personal style.So if you’re all about thongs or like to mix it up, they have some thing for every bootay. Also, BootayBag donates $1 to the Melanoma Foundation with every picture posted with the hashtag #undermatters on social media, which means my longstanding, monthly treat just got a little luxe upgrade that also gives back. It’s a win win, of the lacey kind.

Go fly on over HERE and treat your bootay to something soft and sexy!




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Pleading GILTy

I love shopping as much as the next bird, but I enjoy shopping the most when it’s discounted. I’m a bargain shopper – guilty as charged.
Which is why I could not be happier to be back in NYC, where sample sales occur on the regular! If you’ve never had the pleasure of experiencing one, here’s the deal:
Sample sales are used by designers/retailers in order to move excess merchandise. Most of the samples have been used in photo shoots or promotional events. These items are then sold at a fraction of the price; typically 60-80% off.
For me, these sales are the perfect opportunity to snag unique, high end pieces that will elevate my wardrobe, like a pair of pony haired platform heels by Charlotte Olympia that will make any of my LBDs stand out… for over 70% off. Enlight51Enlight52The GILT Sample Sale NY is the mother of of all Sample Sales. There is everything you can think of, for both men and women. The latest in apparel, shoes, handbags, jewelry and home decor from designers like Balenciaga, Prada, Valentino, John Varvatos and all at up to 80 percent off retail. They also feature a revamped layout for a much easier shopping experience! There was a lot more room and I was able to browse by price point, trend and size, easily.Enlight50Enlight47Enlight49
There were cool lifestyle offerings as well like onsite styling, on-demand tailoring, and Gilt City concierge. Very similar to the amenities you’d find at a Saks or Nordstrom but with out the department store price tag.
I had a great time treasure hunting and trying on stuff. It’s a fun environment, everyone has a giant shopping bag and is just trying everything on like one big shopping party. I had some tough decisions to make, but had a blast shopping the latest designer trends! NYC birds you have one more day to attend! Enlight48
Click here for tickets
and don’t forget to share what you scored by using #GiltShoppingParty!
Can’t wait to see what you find!

Happy hunting!


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Vacations are a time to relax, reflect and break the monotony.

Article #26 Cruisin'-0370Article #26 Cruisin'-0392Article #26 Cruisin'-0333

Some of us reflect while sun bathing on an exotic beach, some of us relax while zip lining. I like to do a little bit of both, I’m definitely a bit of adrenaline junkie, but the older I get the more I realize the value of just BEING wherever I am. I’ve learned to minimize my distractions as much as possible and keep things simple. I recently went on a Royal Caribbean Cruise to the Eastern Caribbean with family, and I went with the mindset of keeping things as simple as possible, especially went it came to my wardrobe. Considering where I was spending the next 7 days, this would prove to be a challenge. Now bare in mind, the ship I was on, the Allure of the Seas,  had about 6,000 passengers and everything from rock climbing, full service spa, zip lining and 100 other things. This of course is not including all the options I had in any of the three ports I visited. Sensory overload. So naturally, I wanted to do everything and see everything, be everywhere, take a 1,000 pictures and have 100 costume changes.

Article #26 Cruisin'-0434Article #26 Cruisin'-0298Article #26 Cruisin'-0447Article #26 Cruisin'-0303

I’m happy to report that I did not succumb to FOMO (fear of missing out) and fall victim to over scheduling. I lived those seven days moment to moment, as stress free as possible. I did a lot of cool things, but I also did a whole lot of nothing. I did not worry about what I needed to be seeing, doing, or wearing…because I do that every other day of the week. No matter how you spend them, vacations need to be worry free.When it came to not worrying about to what to wear and when to wear it, I  have my pretty sweet packing skills to thank.  When packing, I chose 3 colors to stick to, packed 3 pairs of shoes and 3 handbags and I managed to fit everything I needed between a back pack and one suitcase.

Here’s how I did it:

  • My colors were pink, black and white – pause for surprise- which I allowed me the freedom to change my mind from day to day because everything could be mixed and matched.
  • I chose colorful accessories to change up potential outfit repeats.
  • My only indulgences were 5 bathing suits and 5 pairs of sunglasses. They took up hardly any space and offered me a dozen different options, so no guilt there.
  • As for my shoe game, I packed a wedge for day or night, a kitten heel for formal dinners, and my favorite pair of flip flops …which snapped in 1/2 in St. Thomas, but we’re still mourning them, so I’ll stop there.
  • Long skirts and dresses were so key, most days I just wore a long skirt over my swim suit.Article #26 Cruisin'-0375Article #26 Cruisin'-0404Article #26 Cruisin'-0361

This helped me keep things organized and easy (which I’m super into) . No matter what we did or where we were I remained confident and stress free because I felt confident and comfortable in what I was wearing. I was able to take in all the natural beauty that was around me, spend quality time with some of the people I love, and finally relax a bit.

Hope you enjoy my snaps at sea…




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The Getaway


I don’t.

I live in in a normal neighborhood, Target and Whole Foods adjacent, just like you…there’s a Chick fil A too.

I don’t live high up in the sky with an ocean view, I don’t have 24 hour room service or a spa in my building.

I don’t have my own poolside cabana and valet parking.

I DO however, live several miles west from where you’d vacation, and a few weeks ago I indulged in a little last minute getaway in my own backyard at the W Fort Lauderdale. Much needed to say the least, and the perfect opportunity to test the waters with  some new summer pieces and mix in some favorites that I just can’t stop wearing.

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Festive Friday

Festival season is in full swing friends.

Whether you’ll be at Coachella this weekend, a local outdoor show, or just at the park with your dog, festival wear is too fun to pass up.

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Play Suit vs. Pajamas

It’s April and officially summer here- awesome. NOT.

Naturally, 91 degrees and 100% humidity can dissuade even the most committed fashionista out of wearing well …anything. Since clothing is not optional in most places, operation ‘less-is-more’ is in full effect. If I could wear pajama bottoms and a tank everywhere in this heat, I would.

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Beaches and Creme

So in spite of my geographical location, I don’t have a huge spring/summer wardrobe.

I own about 5 pairs of sandals (I think), not a whole lot of color, and not one maxi dress. Don’t get me wrong, I live near the beach, so I own bathing suits and shorts, they are all just black and white. I guess I prefer a liberal interpretation of warm weather wear, and don’t necessarily want to give up my aesthetic when it gets warmer.

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Work it Out

Shout out to all the women who ROCK the “I just came from the gym” look.

No evidence of sweat, not a hair out of place, and flawlessly coordinated pieces. I on the other hand, even post Fabletics subscription, can’t seem to channel the effortlessly chic athletic look that Kate Hudson deems attainable.

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