Business Objects: Casual Work Wear Simplified

Of all the questions I’ve gotten about style from friends, readers, strangers… I’m consistently asked one question the most:

‘What should I wear to work’?

This questions seems to frustrate even the most style conscious ladies ( including me) because as traditional offices are becoming more a thing of the past, dress codes become more lenient (score) but also much more vague. We have all seen the various interpretations of “Business Casual” which can mean a blouse and cropped pant to some and tight skinny jeans and dirty Converses to others. Of course every workplace is different, and if your boss is wearing Vans to work, you probably shouldn’t be in a suit. So then what ? How can you look professional and be taken seriously, but still match the tone of your work environment?

Here are a few tips that I have found extremely helpful over the years:

Be Yourself: 

This may seem a bit obvious, but it’s important. Your work wardrobe should reflect your own personal style elevated a couple notches. For instance, if your weekend wardrobe consist of skinny jeans, sheer tops, and combat boots ( errrr my weekend wardrobe) take the essence of what makes you feel like you and tweak it for a more polished version. Sub out the skinny jeans for a slim fitted trouser, swap the sheer top for an airy silk or crepe top and wear a low heeled bootie for some work appropriate edginess. You can still look professional and feel like you.


So I’m curvy, and that can be a challenge when dressing for work- everything looks sexier than intended and often not appropriate. For that reason, I like to stick to classic silhouettes  for my key work pieces, and I do not deviate. My formula is simple.

Blazer + button down + cropped pant= work wardrobe.

Sounds boring, but I like to play within that structure. For example, my button down MAY have tiny doodles of pizza on it, for a little whimsy. I have some blazers with leather detail, or cool buttons. I  also love adding fun belts or wearing a cool silk scarf around my neck and I’m currently obsessed with wide leg cropped pants – so comfortable and on trend.

Step it up:

One of my personal mottos is : It’s better to be overdressed than under dressed. This is especially important in the workplace, I firmly believe in dressing for the job you want, and when you work in a relaxed, less traditional work environment, that’s pretty easy to do. For most of us it could just mean swapping out those sneakers for cute loafers, or throwing a blazer over that tee. Playing with more elevated textures and fabrics goes along way as well. A silk tee or cashmere sweater can easily elevate any work look.

As I always say, the key to curating a functional and fun wardrobe ( work or otherwise ) is selecting pieces that makes sense for YOU. You need to be comfortable to confident – I will never tire of stressing that.

Work it bird,




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