Underneath it All

I’ve lived my life in several different versions of my body. If I’m being completely honest, the current version is my least favorite. Worry not, I’m not unveiling some deep seeded body image issues or a story about a time where I was made to feel bad about my body. It’s only my least favorite because frankly, I’m still getting used to dressing it.

I’ve been very thin, I’ve been toned, I’ve been 40 pounds overweight. I’ve been called flat chested in my early 20’s, then celebrated for having ‘ a perfect handful’ and now am the proud owner of ‘big boobs’; I’m a late bloomer I guess.
It’s as exciting as it is confusing- I’m dressing a whole new girl! I’m accustomed to dealing with the curves on my back side, not in the front. Pants, bathing suit bottoms and shorts will forever be a challenge for me. I’ve become skilled at dealing with said challenge. However, buying a top used to be a more relaxed experience, I was always between a small and a medium and could often eyeball a top before buying without trying it on.
Those days are over.
But let’s pause for a second to get a few things out of the way.
1. I love my body, but it’s a complex love. Like less romantic and more like the way I love my younger brother.
2. I’m 100% grateful for my sudden change in cup size, and the fact that it was $free.99, despite my lamenting.
3. Again, I love my breasts and the rest of my body (please refer to items above)

Okay, and we’re back. Nowadays, I have to worry about looking too sexy in a sweater set. Fantastic. As if living in NYC with a full time career, part time blog, husband and dog didn’t keep me busy. New hobbies include: throwing good bras away and not wearing favorite (formerly oversized) vintage tees due to fear of looking like a busty teenager that hasn’t realized she’s developed before everyone else in her class.
Also under new hobbies, I finally experienced real bra shopping. Like the kind where you try on a bunch and NONE of them fit right. It’s not fun, I wouldn’t recommend it to a friend or foe. However, I would recommend Upbra. Full disclosure, when they approached me for a review, I was a bit weary. I’m very particular with undergarments in general and because of my current ‘growth’ in that area, I didn’t feel comfortable just sending my bra size and reviewing whatever came in the mail.
Good thing that didn’t occur. I was instead given a link to their site where I can size myself using my phone. Of all the things I now do with my phone, pressing my breasts against my IPhone was not something I thought was possible. But it was and worked terrifically along with a series of detailed questions; it nailed my bra size. Which is something three women and a few eye rolls at Victoria Secret couldn’t do, so color me impressed.
Once I got my size, I browsed through my options on their site by what I wanted to focus on. I needed a supportive strapless for the warmer weather, so that was my first go to. Then their T-Shirt Bra caught my eye, it boasted comfort, lift and controllable cleavage. When they arrived (quickly) I was very impressed by how both bras fit, and how they provide the exact support that was advertised. They both make me feel supported and sexy, a feeling I haven’t felt from a bra in a long time.

In conclusion to my lengthy diatribe on my new boobs and the feat that is dressing them… I’ve learned several things thanks to Upbra. New found curves are a good thing, the internet CAN be helpful with intimate matters, and my IPhone can officially help me with ANYTHING.

Go here to check out my new favorite bra 

*Editor’s Note: In the spirit of full transparency and empowering my audience to love their bodies at every phase, all photos have not been retouched to hide, minimize, or maximize – because I  believe (even at low points) that our most beautiful selves lie underneath  it all.




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