Habits of a Bird

In spite of my seemingly evergreen wardrobe ( trust me it is not) I’m a creature of habit, just like every other bird out there. I wear things to death and I often turn articles of clothing into security blankets. Yes, just like Linus from Peanuts. I become very attached to certain pieces and wear them out.
It’s summer in the city, it’s hot and I do not want to think about what I’m wearing so I have a few crucial basics on rotation to keep things easier and I couldn’t think of a better way of sharing them with you than bringing back The List!

So it here it goes, ya’ll know the drill!

1. The Kimono:

I’ve been wanting one for a while, and couldn’t find the perfect one. Until this one appeared in my life. Dusty pastels, vintage floral and satiny goodness makes me feel like I’m at home lounging!

Found @ Forever 21

2. The Slip On Sneaker:

What are pink, have bows, and are the cutest pair of sneakers ever?! These slip ons that are as light as they are affordably adorable!

Found @ Just Fab

3. The Little Cross body:

Cross body bags are pretty much the only way to stylishly enjoy a Summer in the City, and this one is the best example. Fits my keys, cell phone and a small card case… even lip gloss and it’s in 2017’s hottest shade: Blush pink. It’s the perfect accessory for rooftop parties, outdoor concerts or any sort of adventure!

Found @ Imoshion

4. The Tee:

Soft and sort of see-through and with a deep V that keeps things sexy. A soft V neck tee is a summer essential, and this one has been with me for years.

Found @ J Crew Outlet

These essentials keep me feeling stylish and comfortable all summer long and best of all, all were under $40! Click on the links above to shop each item and stay tuned for more of The List.

Hope everyone is having a fantastic summer!


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Chasing Summer Sunsets

Summer has always been a weird time for me. For starters, I never really cared for it. I don’t enjoy dressing for the heat, and summer lasts like 9 months out of the year in Miami. So by the time June rolls around, I’m over it- exhausted, sweating and left wearing the only tank I don’t feel suffocated by. I also have always felt that summer should bring  change and newness at the end of it, and I was left disappointed when fall felt the same as summer and everything seemed stagnant, including me. Seasonal depression caused by lack of seasons. Go figure.

But in my golden city, ( New York, duh) Summer is different. It’s citizens sport sundresses, smiles and sunglasses as if they were all brand new concepts. Childlike excitement spreads like wildfire in it’s first few warm days where girls can leave their ‘just in case’ sweaters at home. Every cafe/bar has an outdoor patio – even if it consists of a few chairs on a sidewalk. Summer style sweeps the city streets with culottes, dresses, linen everything, and every type of sandal. Rosé flows like water, the hum of ice cream trucks are heard everywhere and the city begins to really wake up right around sunset. Tipsy bliss hangs heavy in the humid air with a bit of universal desperation because 3 months fly as fast as a sunset. I prefer to keep calm and not despair, in light satin anything, bright sandals while sipping some ice cold Rosé.

I’m still too close to the memories of Miami summers to partake in the desperation, but I’m definitely enjoying my new found love for the season. Especially it’s sunsets, they may be a bit different than the tropical postcard ones I’m used to, but they are just as beautiful. The island of Manhattan lights up, as flashes of orange and pink bounce off the brick buildings. It energizes me in a different way, sparks my creativity, and reminds how quickly the world moves.

I aim to move as swiftly and beautifully as a city sunset. To change and shift as gracefully as a New York City summer. So if you happen to be enjoying summer in the city and notice a girl in satin pants, zig zagging through the city streets, don’t mind her she’s just chasing sunsets… seeking change and trying to be the best version of herself.


Stay cool birds, because  everything is temporary- especially summer.



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Summer School

I’m not a ‘t-shirt and jeans’ kinda girl. I love both elements, and appreciate what the idea behind the phrase- to have a comfortable, no frills style -but it’s just too simple for me most of the time. It reminds me of what I used to wear my freshman year of high school – before I got gutsy and experimental with my personal style.
So let’s take that concept and stretch it a bit, shall we ?
* class in session*
Instead of a t shirt and denim… why not a t shirt with a skirt or a cotton romper? Still uber comfortable and simple, but with an unexpected touch. I wore this fun look to an event a few weeks ago. It was very hot and I needed something comfy that paired with sneakers but didn’t want to look like I was going to school.
I mixed a cropped tee with my favorite cotton black romper, cuff up the legs and paired it high tops. I grabbed my favorite back pack to put all my gear in (camera, make up, multiple sunglasses) and kept it moving. All pieces in this look are staples in my closet that I just mixed and matched – which is something I’ve learned to do when I’m bored with my wardrobe. I throw a couple of different pieces I want to wear on bed and begin experimenting. It’s taught me to combine different elements to create fresh looks that are wearable and versatile. Stretching my outfit choices, and not stretching my wallet.

*bell rings*


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