Urban Tropicana

I grew up in a tropical place, which some people consider a part of the Carribbean- depending on who you ask. Florals and bright colors are the year-round norm in South Florida.
Even though I grew up knowing I was a city slicker at heart, and that 1000% humidity was not my speed- vibrant florals, pastel colors and luscious green shades kinda have this bird’s heart. As temperatures start to rise in NYC, I can’t help but crave a bit of the tropics.
Although, with that being said, I often feel out of place wearing barely-there sundresses and sandals in the steamy concrete oasis I call home. Largely because thigh rubbing under dresses and lots of walking in sandals aren’t this New Yorker’s idea of paradise.
Not to mention that a 90 degree day, can turn into a chilly 58 degree night in a New York minute, which has been my reality lately.
So I decided to add a breezy tropical twist to this otherwise, very urban look.
I mixed one tropical silhouette, a ruffled bodysuit, with a structured, palm green pleated skirt, that still has a bit of flounce to it … to keep the look feeling breezy. I then added a few bright elements to warm things up, like a coral pink floral bandana, bright oversized bangles, and a banana charm to my very structured black cross body.
Lastly, I opted for rose gold cutout oxfords instead of sandals…it was the less obvious choice, still very bright and fun, but tailored enough to speak to my skirt and bag.
In my mind, it’s how any urban flamingo would dress herself. Adapting to her surroundings but still giving a nod to her tropical place of origin.


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Treat your Bootay

Ever since I got my first summer job, a longtime ago, I started a little reward system for myself. Once a month, I’d treat myself to new underwear. It was a little personal treat that started after one random visit to Victoria Secret on payday. At the time, it felt super grown up- treating myself to a little luxury that made me feel sexy and confident. Since then, it has been a ritual I’ve maintained. Of course I’ve since branched out to different stores/brands and have a slight tendency to purchase underwear SEVERAL times a month, depending on how stressed I am. For me, it is the perfect little pick-me -up, whether I am having a great day or a really long one.

Of course now that I live in NYC, I’m (like every New Yorker) obsessed with getting everything delivered, and can’t get enough of  it! Groceries, wine, dry cleaning…and underwear?!

Enter BootayBag:

BootayBag is a monthly women’s underwear service – for just $12 a month and free shipping you can #treatyoself with new undies picked to fit your own personal style.So if you’re all about thongs or like to mix it up, they have some thing for every bootay. Also, BootayBag donates $1 to the Melanoma Foundation with every picture posted with the hashtag #undermatters on social media, which means my longstanding, monthly treat just got a little luxe upgrade that also gives back. It’s a win win, of the lacey kind.

Go fly on over HERE and treat your bootay to something soft and sexy!




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No New Stuff

So by now, most of ya’ll know the pillars of my personal style.

1. Never, EVER, pay full price
2. If you think you’ll wear it less than twice, DO NOT BUY IT
3. Does it make sense for you? (Style,price,fabric etc.)
This is about the only real ‘style advice’ I’ll give. If it checks all the boxes for you then buy it! Why? Because you’ll be that much closer to ensuring that you will always have something to wear. It’s a simple strategy that helps me keep a curated closet, that’s filled with wearable and affordable clothing.
This look is all old stuff. Some of it is really old, sandals and jeans I’ve had for 2 + years … the top was a $20 steal from last summer. Sunnies were also from last summer and $5. The bag was a birthday gift from years ago (no i did not pick it out, my friend Tiffany is just a badass who knows me well) and the navy duster is from earlier this year and it’s the only “newness” in this look.

Do I like shopping?

Yes. Duh.

Do I always have money to shop all the time?

No. Duh.


That’s why I have a strategy. It’s sustainable, and guarantees a closet that will allow many combinations. So I can have relevant, chic and seasonally appropriate outfits season after season. Take note that everything pictured is a neutral or primary color. Most of the tailoring/silhouettes are timeless and above all, everything is comfortable and super wearable.

I mean I still *sometimes* throw a Clueless tantrum on occasion, but I’m probably just hormonal at that moment … because deep down, I know I have a closet of old stuff to wear!


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