Seasonal Expression Part 3

For the last installment of my spring dress series, I went back to my basic instincts and chose a dress I immediately fell for and never doubted. It’s simply styled and showcases this season’s hottest print…

 * Stripe Right*

Growing up, my grandmother LOVED clothes and had a bit of a shopping problem- in case you’ve ever wondered where I get it from. My grandparents lived directly behind a mall, so they were there quiet a bit. It was her cardio, her social hour, her therapy. Conversely, my mother hated the act of buying anything. So naturally, I loved joining my Abuela any chance I got.
Like any advanced shopper she had her strategies and patterns. She would alternate on who she would shop for – a necessary strategy when you have 5 grandchildren. She also loved buying anything with stripes. From men’s shirts to my dresses. Stripes everywhere, thin ones, multi colored ones, sailor stripes … any stripe was the right stripe. She was so consistent, that she (on several occasions) would purchase the same striped thing twice. I never got to ask her why, although she’d probably shrug and giggle, because who cares?Well I do, because I would like to know why I am attracted to anything with stripes… even a good striped awning on a storefront gets my attention.

Yo no sé

I like my stripes, and now that I’m back to wearing color, I’m unstoppable. Stripes all over the place! I bought this perfectly striped dress in 5 mins. It was a medium (which means nothing), I didn’t try it on, it was $20 and it had STRIPES !

I kept the styling super simple, and went for my favorite cognac duster for a nice color contrast, and paired quilted white high tops to make those thin white lines pop. Just letting the stripes do their thang.

Loving  stripes is probably one of my favorite learned behaviors, right up there with drinking Rosè and eating cheese. Which happen to match my Francophile ambitions (also acquired from Abuela) to a tee.

I will be living in this dress for the next six months BTW, doing the other aforementioned behaviors.

Love the things you love birds, and buy a ton of it- you only live once.



Dress: TJ Maxx

High Top Sneakers: Just Fab

Duster: DressLily

Sunnies: Sunglass Spot

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Seasonal Expression p.2

Part 2

*Not my Mama’s Dress*

I’ve always loved dresses; I’ve always loved my mom too. However, my mom at one point in time, did not love HOW I wore dresses.
It was my junior year of high school and I felt I had enough social clout ( plus a bit of teenage angst) to not really give a flock about what people thought about the way I dressed. I wore vintage ties with button down shirts, sneakers with skirts and my favorite… dresses over jeans. Some liked it, some thought I was crazy; and could care less.
I did care about one unexpected fashion critic, my mama.Enlight86Enlight83Enlight85
I came into the kitchen one morning, wearing this boho print slip dress over jeans, with sneakers (it looked awesome ) She took one look at me, and said “What are you going to wear to school today?”

*it’s important to note that this was 2001 and my high school was a real life ad for Abercrombie*

Annoyed, I replied ” This, I’m wearing THIS” .
A worried (but 100% sincere) look appeared on her face and she said “What if someone makes fun of you?” I said “They won’t ” as I flounced off confidently.Enlight88Enlight84Fast forward to present day, I’m wearing a dress over jeans mainly for practical reasons -it’s Spring and it’s still gets chilly in the evening. Incidentally, all the cool kids are doing it now too. It’s the edgy alternative to wearing tights, because some dresses look better over jeans than hosiery.

This red floral number is no exception, and when paired with a leather biker jacket on top, no one will ever question it because it’s a dynamic look. It took me from day to night and I was incredibly comfortable. I felt feminine and suitably dressed for Spring- but most of all- I felt like the little bird I once was: Boldly exploring the depths of my own personal style.Enlight89In hindsight, I now realize that my mother’s initial reaction to my inventive fashion choices were her just being a protective mama bear; and every creative heart needs protecting so I guess I was in good hands all along despite her early objections. She continues to support me in every creative endeavor with lots of love and genuine excitement, and understands my personal style much better these days, lol. One thing we always agreed on is that personal style should include: being comfortable, true to yourself and feeling great in anything you wear- and that is #flamingostyle at it’s finest.

Dress yourself well, be well, and love your mama birds!


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