Classically Cool

So file this under UNPRECEDENTED:  In my very fast paced and COLD new environment of New York city, my wardrobe is going through a bit of growing pains. Was I naive enough to actually think that moving to NYC from Miami in the middle of winter was not going to result in an awkward phase? No, not at all. I did however wrongfully assume that my existing winter wardrobe and preferred black and white color palette would help me seamlessly blend in as I reclaimed my spot as a New Yorker.Enlight1Enlight1Enlight1

I may fit in to the untrained eye, with my trendy spectacles, sensible foot wear and a different scarf for every day of the week, but in reality… I’m freezing. 4 years in South Florida have made me forget the art of layering, and I have long since donated my warm turtlenecks  and leggings. So I may look all chic and cool, but I’m really just cold. I’m slowly getting used to strategically layering and choosing warmer fabrics, which can definitely make it a lot harder to accessorize.

There are so many new elements at play now: Does this warm scarf go with my coat? Do I need a hat or gloves? Enlight1Enlight1Enlight1

It’s very involved, and the last thing I’m thinking about (right now at least) is if my handbag matches everything that I’m wearing. By the way, said handbag now has to be light enough to lug around easily, but big enough to fit my life in…because that’s city living at it’s best. Luckily my friends at Imoshion handbags spoil me and sent me their Mathilde bag in the perfect New York shade: BLACK. It’s classic silhouette can be worn as a crossbody, shoulder bag, or even valet style. It’s  spacious enough to fit everything my city slickin’ self needs and with an elegant chain link/vegan leather strap that adds a bit of glam to a casual look like the one pictured. So I can worry about my bigger problems…like my scarf matching my gloves matching my coat… that goes with my lipstick and NOT freezing.

Imoshion has helped make winter dressing a tad easier for me with a bag that goes with everything and is ready for anything. I have not stopped wearing it. Seriously. Check them out here, I’m a huge fan and you will be too!

warmly yours,


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Jeans and Heels 

*Every city has it’s uniform*

Hey Birds, it’s been awhile and I could not be more excited to be back and bring you the final installment of my 3 part Miami Vs.NYC series. This series was a way for me to say celebrate the two cities that I have had a giant love triangle with over the past decade, and of course, say goodbye in the best way I know how, with colorful pictures of my black and white wardrobe.

The series was also *supposed* to be a sort of countdown till I moved to New York in January. However, life got in the way ( as it tends to ) and I experienced a raging flu, a snow storm, and a 1,000 mile move that sort of pressed paused on the whole thing. A not so gentle reminder for me, that even the smoothest of transitions will still be…a transition. Plus, Miami never makes it for me to leave, she’s always kicking and screaming at the door as I’m getting in the car. So in attempt to sympathize and soothe her broken heart, I dedicate this whole look and post to Miami.

Enlight1Enlight1Enlight1There will be no comparisons to the city I now reside in, no playful bashing of my hometown, just celebrating the things I love about it. Like the Croquettas and Cafecito that I had before shooting this very look, or the soft early morning sun that was over Wynwood that day that provided the perfect lighting, or simply the unicorn flamingo mural I used as my backdrop that was magically Miami. She pulled all of these off effortlessly, probably in an attempt to make me realize what I would be missing (i.e. showing my midriff in winter), or maybe just saying goodbye.But there I was, proudly in Miami uniform: tight jeans, flashy heels, and little bit of skin. I paired my favorite high waisted jeans (very stretchy) with my favorite crop that I have been wearing all year from Covetique . I layered a rich camel colored trench from DressLily and topped the look off with shimmery pumps for a very Miami-esque touch of glam. Lastly, my leopard clutch was a no brainer. Everything seemed to just work, and Miami seemed to smile down on me with approval as it was a nice, cool morning with no humidity and a light breeze that left my hair in tact. Enlight1Enlight1Enlight1

Thank you Miami for inspiring my favorite look to date, and giving me one last great shoot. With out you the Chronicles wouldn’t even be a thing and then again neither would I…

You will be missed.

On to this bird’s next adventure… stay tuned!



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