Blazer meets Metallic Shorts

*Because I take party attire very seriously*

Most people visit a city and remember certain iconic things about it. I immediately remember what people were wearing. No matter how diverse the city is, there is always a common thread in the attire, if you look closely. People in Portland have the coolest raincoats, most locals in Miami are too hot to wear pants (yes, pun intended), and women in New York sport some of the most stylish flats. Conversely, women in Miami dress for a party, even if they are only going to Publix. Bright blouses, metallic finishes, heels and photo-shoot-worthy hair are the norm. Miami gals stay ready, because who knows where the night may lead. The New York fem has a different agenda of course, her wardrobe works overtime because she has NO TIME to run home and change. Versatility is her game and black is her color. Structured, classic pieces that can go from day to night are her fave because she’s *also* not sure where the night may lead. This look is for both of these women. metallic-shorts-0039metallic-shorts-0030metallic-shorts-0018metallic-shorts-0038metallic-shorts-0024Nothing says ” I mean business” more than a black double breasted blazer. It’s timeless, understated and effortlessly serious. It’s going places -with or without you- as it briskly crosses a busy New York City street. Fly South and you’ll meet another piece, the Metallic Short. It’s flashy, sexy and is only serious about one thing… that #partylife. It’s iridescent color matches a Miami sunset and goes all night like the neon lights on Ocean Drive. metallic-shorts-0048

I spotted these killer pleated shorts at H&M recently and initially could not get over how perfect they were for NYE. They can also be worn in several fun ways through out the year and in several different cities too (wink, wink) so I just had to have them. I paired them with a white sleeveless turtleneck, and threw one of my favorite blazers that I’ve had for years. My new black combat boots, with gold chain detail, perfectly complemented the iridescent color of the shorts and were a great alternative to heels. This look can be worn to any occasion, especially an endless night of partying because it’s so comfortable. The blazer also works if you need to head to the office in the morning before stopping home too #yolo. This alternative take on party attire features the best of both of the worlds I’ve been a part of, and keeps my core style preferences (comfort and versatility ) as top priorities; because partying is a serious matter and we must not be uncomfortable. As for what city parties harder? It may be a very close tie…

Party on Birds and Happy 2017!




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*Because it’s always hot in eternal summerland *

With about 2 weeks left in Miami before moving back to NYC, I would like to pay homage to the two cities that have my heart with a 3 part series. Each look will feature certain elements and inspiration I have drawn from living in both cities. Bare midriffs peeking from outerwear, leather boots paired with vibrant shorts, and of course, killer sunglasses. While the two cities have complemented and attracted each other for ages, they are very different. Especially when it comes to what the locals are sporting. Both cities demand you (at some point) to blend in with their surroundings, but when you’re a bit of a strange bird like me, you just borrow inspiration from both of your hometowns to create a look that makes you feel right a home.furr-jacket-0348furr-jacket-0336furr-jacket-0342furr-jacket-0347So I have been wanting a faux fur jacket, ironically enough, since I moved back to Miami 4 years ago. I loved the drama and believe it or not, the ease. It’s a statement piece and doesn’t require much styling. It can give a white tee and jeans instant glam with zero effort. Of course, living in year-round 80 degree weather, I would talk myself out of this trend. Every. Damn. Year. As you know, I’m incredibly cautious on investing in trendier pieces, especially seasonal ones. So I have been actively looking for one for under $50 in the likely event that I would only wear it once a year when it dips below 65 degrees. Then I found the perfect one, for the perfect price on . furr-jacket-0349furr-jacket-0339Since an actual chill has yet to happen this season, I wore one of my favorite cropped tees from Miami based brand, Red Lip Bandits with my latest acquisition. Which sort of lighten the mood of this look and gave it a bit of that good ol’ Miami vibrancy that most New Yorkers long for this time year. I paired a paneled skirt, some bad ass black Chelsea boots and a gingham wallet for a bit of texture and whimsy, because Miami takes itself a bit less seriously than New York, and that’s what I love about it.

Stay tuned for more tales of two cities birds!

Happy Holidays to you and yours!!!!





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Keep it Moving

As most of you know, I’ll be moving back to New York City in a few weeks. In this edition of The List, I’m taking a look back at the first time I left my hometown of Miami, back in 2006. I was 21 with no idea of what I was getting myself into. I left home to pursue a career in acting, with a scholarship to a small acting conservatory in New York City. What  I didn’t account for then, was how this experience would shape me more than any experience yet. Naturally, moving to one of the most intense, fastest and over populated cities in the world, magnified this experience. However, the lessons I learned are universal.

Here’s a list of 5 things I learned quickly, and not always gracefully when I moved:

  1. Being from Miami is not like being from anywhere else: Not only are the cafe con leches not as good, but being Hispanic anywhere else is, well,  just being Hispanic. Especially in a big city where everyone is from somewhere else. Most people ( to my surprise) knew very little about my culture. Many assumed my Cuban mother’s meals consisted of tortillas and beans, and guessed I only drank rum. Funnily enough, it made me prouder to be Cuban American and educate people on my cultural distinctions.
  2.  Figure it out: Not having the resources I had back home, I often had to just FIGURE IT OUT. Moving out of an apartment (a yearly ritual for most New Yorkers), finding a job, finding a plumber, filing your taxes…etc. I no longer had an inner circle of family and friends that could physically help or “knew a guy”. This taught me how to be resourceful, how to research and plan -prior to smart phones- and just how to make something happen while solo.
  3. What do I want to do? : In Miami, my inner circle was decades old. I was comfortable and cozy in all my relationships, and as most of us tend to do, we fall into a routine of habits and traditions. Which can be lovely, but are hard to break out of. When I moved, I had no friends, no traditions, no family nearby and I was able to really examine what I wanted to do. From there I made my own traditions, like apple picking every fall, or watching Love Actually every Christmas season with my best friend while we decorate.
  4. Who am I?: This one is definitely hard to simplify, but suffice it to say that sometimes you got to tear something down to really see what it’s made of. The circumstances and challenges I faced away from home helped shaped me into the person I am. Certain experiences tested my values and showed me who I really was, and I just built from there.
  5. Home is where the heart is: I’ve said before that when I moved to New York my heart broke into two uneven pieces. One piece belonged under the South Florida sun, in my back yard, with my dad and brothers telling dirty jokes while my mom complains that it’s too chilly to be outside ( 72 degrees). The other piece belonged to the busy, robust streets of New York, where every corner has a story about “that one night” or an interesting person that I…met randomly, or dated, or shared a cab with, or became life long friend’s with. Every New York moment plays like a movie in my head, but my Miami memories are a song that just plays in the back ground on loop. After 6 years in NYC and 4 years back in Miami, I still can’t tell you which piece is bigger. My real home is a combination of the two places, one a place I was born in, the other a place I bloomed in.

I have no idea what this move will be like. For starters I’m ten years older, and I now have a husband and dog in tow. My goals and perspective have obviously changed, and my appreciation for my family has deepened. New York ( true to it’s form) has also changed considerably. I’m filled with varying ranges of emotions and a of touch anxiety (a healthy dose?). But for the most part, I’m enjoying the transition and starting from scratch. I have zero expectations and excitement is the winning emotion these days. I can’t wait to see what this move has to teach me and who I will become.

Thank you for reading along and helping me grow in so many ways this year, which no doubt empowered me to make some huge changes, like this move.

Free flying and joyfully yours,



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I wear some sort of suiting everyday to my corporate  job, so naturally, most of my looks here on the Chronicles are decidedly casual and tend to stray from the conventional. img_4693

I do however understand the importance of finding a great suit that can work just as hard outside the office as it does in it. Because of my height and curves, I always get my suits tailored, which takes a bit of pressure off when I’m in the store trying on my options. Lord knows that I will grow old holding out for a suit that is cinched perfectly at my waist, with pants that are the perfect length. Not holding my breath for that.img_4703img_4701

I found this dark navy, Calvin Klein suit years ago at a department store for 50% off and spent about $35 getting it tailored. It is one of my go-to suits for work and has held up nicely. However, you know me, I have to find an alternate use for EVERYTHING I wear! With this look, I went for slightly casual suited vibe. This look can be worn to a brunch, bridal shower, or any daytime event. I added a striped V neck tee, cut out sandals, and men’s pocket square for an unexpected touch. I also kept my other accessories clean and simple with a small structured handbag in hunter green, and rose gold aviators. The result is polished and tailored, yet feminine.img_4702img_4704

Ya’ll know how devoted I am to wardrobe versatility, and this look exemplifies that. It’s quick, easy and a fresh take on a classic for when you don’t want to wear another dress!

Stay creative and remain suitable birds!






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Monat Hair Care

Like most women, my hair has always been a huge part of my identity, and like most women, it has also been the bane of my existence. Not only did I grow up in the humid swamp that is Miami, but I also was blessed with lots of wavy hair that is as fickle as South Florida weather. There has been no struggle more real than keeping my tresses in check. Styling tools, anti-frizz serums, hydrating masks…holy water…you name it, I’ve tried it. Which is why I am incredibly particular of the products I use. However, because my hair never ceases to chill out, I’m kind of always on the market for something better.

My friends at Monat sent me care package recently of some products and I was a bit skeptical, but eager to try. It’s chic packaging and pleasant smell were definitely a good place to start. 3 weeks later, I’m delighted to report that after using the Balance Treatment System, my hair is more hydrated, softer to the touch and has significantly more shine.monat-0013monat-0045monat-0017

Here’s the scoop on each:

Renew Shampoo: this salt and sulfate-free hydrating formula gently cleanses while moisturizing the scalp. It helps boost natural hair growth while strengthening the hair follicle, but all I see is shiny, healthier hair and a balanced scalp.

Restore Leave-In conditioner: this nourishing leave-in conditioner revives each hair strand while restoring essential nutrients to the scalp. My hair is hydrated, my frizz is tamed, and my tresses has never been this soft. It’s not heavy or greasy so I couldn’t even tell I had product in my hair.

Replenish Masque: this hydrating masque was perfect for my damaged, moisture-starved hair. It works fast (5-10 minutes) to hydrate and heal, leaving my hair silky smooth. It also works particularly well on my colored treated ends too.

Overall, I’m incredibly impressed and happy to see results so quickly. My hair feels stronger and less susceptible to humidity, it’s also much more manageable. I also love all the things Monat likes to leave out of their products like harmful fragrances, sulfates and parabens. I can’t wait to continue using Monat consistently and garner even better results. As you know my darling birds, I never promote anything I don’t absolutely love myself. I think you’ll be just as impressed as I am, so do yourself a favor and check them out! Learn more about the individual product by clicking on each link, but you can purchase directly with Monat consultant Jennifer Sanzo who will guide you in the right direction, shop with her here , she’s terrific!

Till next time pretty birds,



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