Easy Hair, Don’t Care

I tend to get bored easily, especially with my hair. I wish I had the time and the energy to wear my hair in a different hairstyle from Pinterest every day, but I don’t! I like to keep a simple routine during the work week and often wear my hair straight or with soft waves. So naturally, after a whole week of wearing my hair one of two ways, and wearing the same work attire day in and day out, I want to let loose on the weekend and get creative! On this edition of The List, I have rounded up for 4 incredibly easy hairstyles for the weekend that take 5 minutes or less. All you’ll need is a large wide tooth comb, your favorite serum or dry oil ( I’m currently obsessed with Renewing + Argan Oil of Morocco ) and bobby pins or elastic hair ties. These styles will work on most hairtypes and work best on clean, dry hair. My hair is naturally wavy, so I like to start with my hair blown out.thelist4-5thelist4-6

  1. Fun Buns: Split hair into 2 halves, gather one half of hair like a high pony tail and begin twisting hair into a loose bun, secure with 2-4 bobby pins depending on hair thickness, and repeat on other side. The key is to not make them look perfect, a few loose strands around the face make it look more effortless and less reminiscent of a 5 year old’s hairstyle. Spritz serum or dry oil to tame any unwanted fly aways.thelist4-7
  2. Pocahontas Braids: Split hair into 2 halves, gather one half of hair under your ear and begin braiding hair. Secure with elastic band. I like to do these a bit on the tighter side to avoid them falling apart. I also like leave about 1/2 an inch or more not braided at the bottom. Spritz serum or dry oil to make ends appear shiny.thelist4-4
  3. Top Bun: this style has been on trend all year and is both chic AND easy. I like to start by using a wide tooth comb to separate a section of hair at the top of my head. This section should be as wide as your forehead. Gather into a pony tail and begin to twist into a loose bun, then secure with 3-5 bobby pins depending on hair thickness. Like the Fun Buns, the goal is not to be perfect. Spritz serum or dry oil where needed to tame fly aways.thelist3-7thelist4-8
  4. The Topsy Bun: This easy two part style brings back the Topsy Tail with a sophisticated twist! Gather hair into a low pony, secure with elastic. Then create a space in the center of the pony to loop it through, depending on hair length, you may have to repeat this step. Flip hair one more time and secure flipped hair at the top of pony with bobby pins ( use as many as needed).  Spritz serum or dry oil to tame any fly aways. *This style works best on medium length hair.

Remember, each of these styles are not meant to be perfect and should take no more than 5 minutes each. You can use a light hold hairspray if you wish, but it’s not necessary. These styles will instantly add fun to any weekend look, and are too easy to not try!



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Wood you?

It’s no secret I err on the side of simple. I think less is more. Especially in regards to what’s on my wrist. Watches are one of my favorite accessories to play with, they automatically command attention because it’s nearly impossible to not look at some one’s wrists. My grandmother believed you weren’t dressed without earrings, lipstick, and a timepiece. As progressive as I can be at times, I completely agree.jord-watch-0014jord-watch-0015jord-watch-0018One would think I have drawer filled with watches- however I’m incredibly particular. I carefully choose versatile pieces that also fit my busy lifestyle. I own a cocktail inspired diamond watch, a classic leather strapped piece with a large face, a gold linked bracelet style and my newly accquired wood watch by JORD Wood Watches.jord-watch-0022I was immediately drawn to their unique style, and I was pleasantly surprised at how feminine a piece that is not made with a traditional metal can be. The artists and designers behind the effortlessly cool concept are focused on making timepieces that fit a modern lifestyle. It’s lightweight, sits nicely on my wrist, it’s an automatic (no batteries!) and can be styled in a variety of different ways- and you know how I feel about versalitity! I love to style my piece, the Cora with a rose gold dial, with deep brown and camel shades, but it also looks incredible against a black leather wrap! My favorite way to style it (so far) is with leopard print! The blacks and browns provide the perfect contrast, and the rose dial gives it a femine pop of color. I also love how it can pull together an otherwise casual look, seamlessly.jord-watch-0016jord-watch-0021jord-watch-0013In this look, I mixed different textures. A cotton jumper over a silk top, cognac leather wedges with a distressed denim clutch, and my new favorite combination- leather against wood on my wrist! My new wood timepiece adds the perfect pop and I’m obsessed. Special thanks to JORD Wood Watches for sponsoring this post!

Still wondering if you wood?

You should, and I’m making it super easy to with an awesome GIVEAWAY! Click here to win a $75 e-voucher towards your own JORD watch plus you get $20 off just for entering so it’s a win no matter what!

Check out my JORD Wood Watch here

You can thank me later birds!


Mens Wooden Watches

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Deep Dives

So the only way to do this is to dive right in. Except… wait! You should know that as candid as I may seem to be in my previous posts, it’s a very controlled candor. I play at being intimate, and truth is I’m incredibly private about most things. It’s also worth mentioning that I was raised to be this  private about personal ordeals and not overshare as it may be perceived as desiring attention from others or worse, pity. With that said…

Here goes the dive:

I struggle with Endometriosis. About 200,000 women get diagnosed with it yearly in the US. Simply put : the tissue that normally lines my uterus  grows outside of it. This can cause many different  symptoms that range in severity. Intense lower abdominal pain, excessive bleeding during menstruation, and painful intercourse are just naming a few.


If you’re wondering where I’m going to cleverly weave in something about my outfit, or how to not look like a slob in a hoodie – it’s not happening, I’m sorry. I know, we’re talking about uterine bleeding, WTF? We are in some strange waters, I know, just stick with me, please. Let’s take it from the top.


I was diagnosed 5 years ago, after years of mysterious pain and irregular cycles. My mother suffered from this, so I wasn’t surprised. She had a very severe case that resulted in a Hysterectomy, (removal of ovaries and uterus), that was invasive and forced menopause at age 40. When I was diagnosed, I had a pretty good idea what to expect, because I had witnessed the symptoms 2nd hand my whole life. Still didn’t quite prepare me for what was next. What was next? Lots of ultrasounds, pain, questions about your pain, people looking at you like you’re broken and say ” I hear that condition makes it hard to concieve “. Followed by more pain that comes out of nowhere at times, crushing, debilitating, electrifying pain, that makes you feel like you really are broken, defective, not quite right. Eventually, it starts to effect you mentally.



Before my relationship with my husband, I didn’t have an interest in having children. Soon after falling in love with him, I realized I wanted to create something with him. It was powerful, and so was a doctor telling me I couldn’t satisfy this change of heart because of my disorder. The pain actually makes me crazy some days, and drains every ounce of energy. On my best days, I struggle with annoying, painful interruptions. On my worse days I feel like less of a woman. After consulting a few dud doctors, I have now have two doctors  (one OBGYN and one speciality surgeon) that are as transparent as they are talented, and are invested in my well being. I have endured several different hormonal treatments to aleviate my symptoms. One treatment gave me forced menopause. I actually had real hot flashes this summer, which lead to sleepless nights and chronic fatigue ( i.e. not the look ). Finally, I had my fourth surgical procedure to remove excess tissue in and around my uterus one week ago. This time, the lining of my uterus was also removed in hopes to decrease menstrual flow and the extreme symptoms I experience. I don’t have a lot of fears and I can get used to anything, but I  have yet to get used to going under the knife. I freak out everytime. Oh and did I mention there’s a chance it might not work?

:::breathe again:::


Recovery is going smoothly and I have an incredible support system. I’m healing properly and only time will tell if what was done is a viable solution. The hard part will be keeping an open mind about the possibilities and not letting the fear and negativity set in. At this point, I should be jaded, but I refuse to be. While I struggle with the fact that I don’t know what lies ahead, I can’t lose perspective. Will my chronic pain continue? Will I know what it’s like to have a baby inside me? Will it work and all this be a distant memory? I have no clue. But I also have no idea where in the world I’ll be in 3 years and if I’m okay with that, I need to be okay with all of my unknowns. I know one thing now: I can handle it all.  The long swim, the deep dive into the depths of uncertainty.

This is my struggle right now, it’s mine, I own it.  Just like my dysfunctional uterus! I’m grateful that is not anything worse and I plan to own everything it’s teaching me. I know that every set of eyes that reads this is struggling with and healing from something. Don’t apologize and don’t be afraid to talk about it. I believe we learn from sharing, and as terrifying as writing this was, I’ve learned a lot.

Thanks for sticking with me birds,


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How to be a Sporty Spice


The Athleisure trend is not going anywhere anytime soon and I could not be happier!  (Cue me jumping for joy). Even the most devout Loub wearing fashionista can be seen rocking a classic sneaker lately. In this edition of The List, I’m sharing 6 ways to weave this trend into your wardrobe without compromising your own personal stylethe-grind-0256the-grind-0259the-grind-0261

For me Athleisure was a welcomed trend, because as you know I need to be comfortable at all times. However, I like looking polished and put together. Here’s how I like to do it :

1. The Graphic Tee: I’m a proud collector of graphic tees. Some have a cool logo, some have a curse word or a Beyoncé lyric, and are all on heavy rotation. I love pairing them with dressier pieces, like a silk midi skirt or my favorite pair of crepe joggers.

2. The Bomber: this jacket trend has taken the world by storm this season, am I just happy I already have several of them in my closet. I’ve been obsessed with bombers since the 90’s Member’s Only days. I love their simplicity and versatility. They can add the right amount of casual cool to any look. My favorite palm printed bomber is the perfect light layer and gives this look a bit of structure.

3. The Jogger: I used to think this silhouette wasn’t right for my body type. I then looked a bit harder, and found a few pairs that cinched right at my waist, and highlighted my curves instead of hiding them. Remember, excess fabric in the wrong places work against us. I also suggest steering away from cotton blends, as they tend to cling and resemble lounge wear.

4. The Sneaker: this is by far the easiest element to nailing this trend. There are unlimited options! Chucks in a bright neon, Vans in a funky print or a throw back shoe like the Adidas Stan Smith’s or Reebok Classics. Pick one that’s comfy, and get creative!

5. The Hair: nothing says sporty like hair out of the face. A high pony or an easy sock bun help achieve a chic and clean look that doesn’t distract from the athletically awesome elements in your look.

6. The Details: Mesh panels, zippers, black and white stripes and racer back tops. These details are so accessible and finish off any Athleisure look.the-grind-0263the-grind-0258

These elements can be worn all together or sprinkled into any look. Think outside the box – Converse with dress pants, a bomber over a lacy slip dress, a graphic tee with an ultra feminine skirt. Any sort of sporty/dressy juxtaposition will help you create a show stopping look, while effortlessly excuting this massive trend.

From one good sport to another,



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I love to shop as much as the next bird, but I take special pride in my ability to reuse and recycle pieces in my closet to create a whole new look. I’m a strategic shopper, and believe in getting the most out of the pieces I purchase. All it takes is a bit of an imagination! reuse-recycle-0351img_3894reuse-recycle-0355img_3892

I grew up in a lower middle class family, my parents are both Cuban immigrants that defected in their formative years. As a result, I had a pretty Americanized upbringing. However, I grew up in an immigrant community, and was reminded on a daily basis to not be wasteful. We reused and recycled everything we could. I grew up wearing my cousin’s clothes, not because it was necessarily needed, but because why not! Forget Pyrex containers, our leftovers were kept in recycled Country Crock tubs and Chinese soup containers. In our pantry, were several green tins of saltine crackers, but one of those was always filled with rice. I was raised to use what I had available to me, no matter what. We never went shopping for a new outfit for a party or ‘just because’. We went shopping when we grew out of our clothes. To clarify, I grew up with a lot more than most, and my parents worked incredibly hard to get us both what we needed and wanted. However, we had boundaries, even when my family grew more successful, because I was also taught to never take anything for granted.img_3893I’m incredibly grateful for everything my parents could give me, but more grateful for what I learned from them. I’ve said in previous posts, I don’t buy ANYTHING I can’t wear more than twice, and I stand firmly by that. So when I wanted to try something different for a transitional look, I just went shopping… right in my own closet. For this look, I paired trousers (that I actually live in at least twice a week) with a bralette that I have rarely taken off since May. But the ultimate reuse was the golden olive dress I styled as a vest. It was gifted to me by my sweet husband last year, but has never fit right around the curves in my bottom half. I love it, and couldn’t bare to give it away, so I just threw it on top of the aforementioned basics and kept it moving with my surprisingly durable black patent oxfords and a cognac vegan leather handbag.reuse-recycle-0354

The result was doubly gratifying because I created something different by repurposing existing pieces in my closet and not spending a dime. Certain values, however we acquire them, don’t ever really leave us. I may throw away my butter containers, but when it comes to styling new looks, I recycle first.

Stylishly conscious and always yours,


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Lip It Good

I may not be a beauty blogger, but few things excite me as much as discovering new beauty products and telling the world about them! I’m the ‘you-know-what-you- gotta-try?’ girl and proud of it. lip-it-0454lip-it-0445lip-it-0458

Whether it’s a $40 dollar mascara that has changed my life, or a drug store lipstick, I live for the excitement of discovery and the satisfaction of sharing that discovery! My most recent discovery, was Miami based, Esque Cosmetics. To be honest, as much of a Millennial I am, I usually don’t shop for cosmetics online, sight unseen. For me, part of the thrill is in the tactile experience, the 5 different color swatches on my hand or wrist, trying it on, smelling it …etc.  However, I like to remain open, and shopping online does have it’s time saving perks. When I discovered Esque, I was immediately drawn to their simple yet vibrant website and beautiful, cleverly named lip shades. I couldn’t decide on one shade, so naturally, I choose 3. The site was very easy to shop, and my products got to me quicker than expected. The clean, chic black and white packaging had me at hello…but what was inside was even better! All 3 shades were the exact beautiful shade I expected- the pictures on the site actually did them justice. Once I tried each of them on, their high quality formula was obvious. The two Creme lipsticks I chose, went on velvety smooth but stayed put, no liner needed, with an excellent color pay off! The Liquid Matte I chose applied like a liquid, then immediately dried down to a hydrated matte finish. Just one application lasted me ALL DAY LONG, no bleeding or cracking, just beautiful color till I removed it. Like all great long wear formulas, I did need a little help from my oil based makeup remover, but it was off in seconds.lip-it-0437lip-it-0477

I was incredibly impressed by the quality of the lipsticks, especially at their price point ($10-$20), and happy to support a local business. It’s hard to believe they only launched their lipsticks one year ago! I have no doubt they are well on their way to becoming a well known, trusted brand. They certainly have my vote! Now here’s my favorite part; you know what you gotta try ?

ESQUE Cosmetics

Cheers to the discovery of great cosmetics!

Stay beautiful,



Details *As pictured


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