Fall Pretending

This edition of The List goes out to all of my South Florida babes who yearn for more than a PSL and dark nail shades after September.

Here, Fall is an abstract idea, so we must PRETEND.

Despite the pumpkin patches throughout the city, jewel toned sweaters in nearly every store, and pumpkin spiced EVERYTHING… we are not like the rest of the country. For most people, it is a fleeting, bittersweet time, that is meant to be enjoyed. For us, we’re just trying to rock a light scarf from the car to the restaurant with out dying, because the 5th circle of hell enjoys cooler temps this time of year than we do. It’s 100 degrees outside still, 95% humidity, and allllll you want is to do is look like the girl with a turtleneck on Madewell.com’s landing page, because it’s fall DAMMIT. Unfortunately, heat exhaustion is an all too real phenomenon, so I have compiled a list of 5 all too easy ways of pretending it’s fall.thelist2-0152thelist2-0141thelist2-0150

  1. Wool hats: Nothing says “I go apple picking on the weekends” like a wool hat. The wider the brim the better, and make sure it’s not too thick or fuzzy, because again, we’re trying to not to die.
  2. Patterns:  Fall evokes softer and warmer vibes. Go the nostalgic route with a broad gingham or plaid, or go the earthy route with a pretty paisley or muted floral print.
  3. Lip Color: No matter what you are wearing, the perfect shade of lipstick can turn an otherwise summery look, into a moody fall look. Other than the obvious reds and burgundy shades, a warm nude gives just the right amount of autumnal oomph.
  4. Booties:  Sort of an obvious option. As sexy as over-the- knee and mid-calf boots are, sweating in them all the time is NOT. Snag some ankle booties for the many hot days where you just can’t have giant pieces of leather suffocating your legs.
  5. Texture: So you can’t wear a chunky sweater with a corduroy skirt with out marinating in a pool of your own sweat, BUT you can play with fall appropriate textures with your accessories. A wool back pack here, some leather trim there will help you achieve the seasonal look you desire. Velvet or suede footwear are also great options, just make sure to check the weather prior to wearing or have your Uber pull up real close to your destination.thelist2-0159thelist2-0156thelist2-0153thelist2-0154thelist2-0160

It’s unfair that we can’t fully enjoy seasons in South Florida, but these hacks will help you pretend you live in a cooler climate. Before you know it, you’ll be asking for your PSL hot instead of iced.

Stay cool while looking cool birds,



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West Village Classic

If I had to liken my closet to any thing, I would probably say it’s as varied as New York City neighborhoods. Not only are NYC and my closet two things I know almost at an expert level, but they are also two things I’m extremely passionate about. So when I packed for my recent trip to the city, I thought about the different parts of town I’d be visiting and what attire was most appropriate for the neighborhood I was in. For example this plaid knit dress with leather trim, was perfect to walk the classic, but occasionally surprising streets of my old neighborhood, the West Village. If this sounds super silly, it may be, but it’s my quirky process, so please indulge me while explain said process and revel in my obsession with New York.

west-v-knit-0466west-v-knit-0455west-v-knit-0477So it doesn’t take a native New Yorker to figure out that you can pretty much wear whatever you want on the streets of NYC and most people won’t look twice. Freedom of speech, especially through the medium of personal style, is welcomed and celebrated. Which is one of the many reasons I loved living there. Although I tend to stick to a specific palette, my wardrobe overall goes in many different directions. The Upper East Side part of my closet has sophisticated, structured blazers and silks blouses -very Blair Waldorf, then there is of course my collection of brightly colored and patterned bomber jackets that are just the right amount of polished cool for the streets of SOHO. My favorite pair of crepe joggers that I only exclusively wear with a cropped graphic tee and a funky sneaker represent the effortless edge of the Lower East Side. west-v-knit-0449west-v-knit-0472west-v-knit-0476

Then we have my dresses. Believe it or not, as experimental as I can be, I love a dress with a classic silhouette. I mostly own shift and A-line dresses which flatter my curvy figure best. They are easy, fun, and feel like home. So naturally I chose this look to explore my old neighborhood. The shape and plaid knit dress are 100% classic, but the Napa leather detail on it offers a little bit of an urban edge, the same edge you can find walking past beautiful multi million dollar brownstones on Christopher street and then happen upon three sex shops, like that, unexpected. I added a quirky clutch in a neon color to add a charming twist, and there it was: my old neighborhood in an outfit. My favorite thing, about the West Village is that it’s unapologetically itself, no matter how many TV shows, celebrities, and alarmingly high real estate have changed it, it stays true to it’s ever evolving self , which is something I can get behind.




  • Sunglasses- Celine
  • Dress- St.John Knits (old)
  • Handbag- Jessica Mc Clintok
  • Boots- Kenneth Cole (old)




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In the City

Very few things can inspire me as much as the streets of New York. There is just so much stimulation at every corner…lights, sounds, an array of colors, many different faces, and some of the best street style you ever did see. Boring fashion “rules” need not apply on these streets, only thing that matters is how great you feel in what you are wearing. Which is why I could not WAIT to be back in the city for NYFW last week and flex my street style muscles.pattern-play-nyc-0362pattern-play-nyc-0354pattern-play-nyc-0389

Almost everything I’ve learned about fashion and personal style, I learned in New York City. Clueless and Sex and the City taught me names like Alaia, Dior and Manolo, but the city streets is where I learned everything about personal style.

Rule numero uno: You can do whatever the hell you want!pattern-play-nyc-0337pattern-play-nyc-0383pattern-play-nyc-0374

pattern-play-nyc-0397Moving to the city from Miami at the young age of 21, my personal style meant heels, bright colors, and tight clothing. I quickly discovered all of my options and 10 years later my personal style has done a 180. I mix patterns, love to layer unexpected pieces, as the outfit pictured, am obsessed with black and white, and I pretty much would wear booties to bed if someone let me. So naturally, I felt incredibly empowered and excited to amp up my street style while I was back in the city I love. This look was perfect for running around in the city. I went from meetings, to shows, to shooting and catching up with old friends in unseasonably hot temperatures, so thankfully my idea to have no sleeves was genius. I kept my layers light: thin cotton printed cami topped with a structured vest, and a light cotton skate skirt. I added a statement necklace for some bling and a faux braid headband to keep my hair out of my face.

Practical on the corner of chic, because if I’m not comfortable, I’m not confident.

NYC taught me to be fearless in many ways, especially when it came to style, and being back and roaming the streets reminded of that freedom and got all my creative juices flowin’. Peep my details below, and stay tuned for more things NYC!

Fly freely,




  • Sunglasses- Sunglassspot
  • Vest- White House/ Black Market
  • Cami- American Eagle Outfitters
  • Skirt- Forever 21 (old)
  • Handbag- French Connection
  • Boots- Kenneth Cole (old)
  • Necklace- Le Tote



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Mixed Bag

An American handbag designer changes the game by making a change

Spotlight on : Louise & Eleanor

Article#27 L&E-0473 (2)

Most of us style enthusiasts, curators, and addicts share a passion for anything we can dress or adorn ourselves with, but everyone has there something. That something they are slightly more passionate about and collect (read:hoard) a little bit more of. For me, that something has always been handbags, more specifically clutches and I become quickly enamored if they are quirky and fun! This summer I discovered Louise & Eleanor handbags, and I was a fast fan. As you well know, I wear lots of black, and my handbags are where I like to add a bit of an expected pop. Neon colors, camo, and a bright pink lip shape clutch are just a few in my collection. I’m silly by nature so I NEED to add a bit of whimsy on the regular.

My first acquisition from the L.A. based designer was this Monopoly clutch that was made for a nostalgic pop culture junkie like myself. Beautifully made with quality materials, effortlessly chic and surprisingly convenient…I can’t walk down the street without someone obsessing over it. I of course, am equally obsessed. I love how versatile it is, and how it manages to add just the right amount of fun to a classic look. However, what I love just as much, is what’s behind the brand.

Article#27 L&E-0473 (5)Article#27 L&E-0473 (3)Article#27 L&E-0473 (1)Article#27 L&E-0473 (6)

For me substance is what resonates first- regardless of the object or topic. Louise & Eleanor focus on creating handbags as extraordinary as the women who wear them. They donate a percentage of each bag sold to selected women’s nonprofit organizations. Also, they feature different charities at a time, which ultimately results in a greater and more direct impact on women in need. They are currently featuring two charity organizations: Miami based Lotus House ,whose mission is to provide shelter, support and resources for homeless women and children and Two Wings -Los Angeles who provide assistance to victims of sex trafficking .

I can’t describe how good it felt, to know that from a distance, by one simple purchase, my passion for adorable clutches is parlayed into a positive movement. I was able to obtain a sense of purpose along with my new whimsical fashion statement. I feel happy and proud to know and support a brand with a refreshingly unique business model- changing the world one bag at a time.

Check them out here and shop their beautiful and inspiring site. You will not be disappointed.




Slip dress- Banana Republic

Boots- Kenneth Cole 

Hat- Forever 21 




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Best of Summer Beauty

Hello Birds!

I’m happy to announce a new category on The Flamingo Chronicles : The List

Bi-monthly I will round up some of my favorite things for you and where to find them. Everything from style, music, movies, beauty to even where to eat. Nothing is off limits and I love a good list so if there’s something you’d like to see on The List, don’t be shy and let me know.

With summer coming to a close, the inaugural list features my favorite affordable beauty products of the summer that have been on constant repeat, and will probably continue to be this fall!They have helped me achieve a polished yet natural look all summer long, and look even better when coupled with a tan. Click on the links below to snag them!



  1. Morgans Moisturizer : all natural ingredients, no fragrance, no problem.
  2. NYX Born To Glow Liquid Illuminator: lightweight and subtle, this has been my go to highlight.
  3. EOS Shave Cream: the maker of those adorably addictive lip balm balls makes a shave cream that is hands down the best shave cream I have ever used! It provides 24 hours of deep moisture and smells amazing ( Vanilla Bliss is my fave). This has actually made me enjoy shaving my legs, which is a miracle.
  4. Rimmel ScandalEyes Waterproof Eyeliner Pencil: I hoard eyeliners of all colors and price points, and this became one of my favorites this summer. Goes on smooth, great color payoff, and stays on all day- everything you’d want from a $7 pencil and more.
  5. Katy Kat Eye Hydro-fuge Mascara by Covergirl: This collection had a major moment this summer, and there is a reason for the hype other than the cute packaging and pop star affliation. The wand has a nice design and the formula goes on with out clumps and stays on while giving your lashes a pretty flair. It gives a noticeable boost, but it’s still subtle enough for daytime wear.
  6. Katy Kat Matte Lip: What’s not to love! The names are as cute as the wide array of colors. It provides a nice matte finish without over drying. My fave colors include Maroon Meow and Coral Cat.
  7. Rimmel Lasting Finish by Kate Lipstick: Another celeb with a K had a lipstick collection this summer, and I have been obsessed with the Kate Moss line. Especially the Rossetto shade, I wear it everyday, and it goes with everything beautifully.
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Vacations are a time to relax, reflect and break the monotony.

Article #26 Cruisin'-0370Article #26 Cruisin'-0392Article #26 Cruisin'-0333

Some of us reflect while sun bathing on an exotic beach, some of us relax while zip lining. I like to do a little bit of both, I’m definitely a bit of adrenaline junkie, but the older I get the more I realize the value of just BEING wherever I am. I’ve learned to minimize my distractions as much as possible and keep things simple. I recently went on a Royal Caribbean Cruise to the Eastern Caribbean with family, and I went with the mindset of keeping things as simple as possible, especially went it came to my wardrobe. Considering where I was spending the next 7 days, this would prove to be a challenge. Now bare in mind, the ship I was on, the Allure of the Seas,  had about 6,000 passengers and everything from rock climbing, full service spa, zip lining and 100 other things. This of course is not including all the options I had in any of the three ports I visited. Sensory overload. So naturally, I wanted to do everything and see everything, be everywhere, take a 1,000 pictures and have 100 costume changes.

Article #26 Cruisin'-0434Article #26 Cruisin'-0298Article #26 Cruisin'-0447Article #26 Cruisin'-0303

I’m happy to report that I did not succumb to FOMO (fear of missing out) and fall victim to over scheduling. I lived those seven days moment to moment, as stress free as possible. I did a lot of cool things, but I also did a whole lot of nothing. I did not worry about what I needed to be seeing, doing, or wearing…because I do that every other day of the week. No matter how you spend them, vacations need to be worry free.When it came to not worrying about to what to wear and when to wear it, I  have my pretty sweet packing skills to thank.  When packing, I chose 3 colors to stick to, packed 3 pairs of shoes and 3 handbags and I managed to fit everything I needed between a back pack and one suitcase.

Here’s how I did it:

  • My colors were pink, black and white – pause for surprise- which I allowed me the freedom to change my mind from day to day because everything could be mixed and matched.
  • I chose colorful accessories to change up potential outfit repeats.
  • My only indulgences were 5 bathing suits and 5 pairs of sunglasses. They took up hardly any space and offered me a dozen different options, so no guilt there.
  • As for my shoe game, I packed a wedge for day or night, a kitten heel for formal dinners, and my favorite pair of flip flops …which snapped in 1/2 in St. Thomas, but we’re still mourning them, so I’ll stop there.
  • Long skirts and dresses were so key, most days I just wore a long skirt over my swim suit.Article #26 Cruisin'-0375Article #26 Cruisin'-0404Article #26 Cruisin'-0361

This helped me keep things organized and easy (which I’m super into) . No matter what we did or where we were I remained confident and stress free because I felt confident and comfortable in what I was wearing. I was able to take in all the natural beauty that was around me, spend quality time with some of the people I love, and finally relax a bit.

Hope you enjoy my snaps at sea…




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