The Getaway


I don’t.

I live in in a normal neighborhood, Target and Whole Foods adjacent, just like you…there’s a Chick fil A too.

I don’t live high up in the sky with an ocean view, I don’t have 24 hour room service or a spa in my building.

I don’t have my own poolside cabana and valet parking.

I DO however, live several miles west from where you’d vacation, and a few weeks ago I indulged in a little last minute getaway in my own backyard at the W Fort Lauderdale. Much needed to say the least, and the perfect opportunity to test the waters with  some new summer pieces and mix in some favorites that I just can’t stop wearing.

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Coloring Outside the Lines

“They’re only crayons. You didn’t fear them in kindergarten, why fear them now?

-Hugh Macleod


Do you remember being a kid and reaching for the purple crayon to color a sun? I do. What changed? I don’t consider myself an artist, I’m a creative, you can experience my “art” in the clothes I wear. I day dream and craft outfits the a way painter outlines a mural. I have always done this. My closet was my coloring book ever since my mother gave up dressing me when I was 4 as a result of the many objections I had to her selections.

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Devil is in the Details

Details are important.

I ‘m a strong believer in whatever one does, it should be done completely, in detail, full throttle or not done at all. In the details we often find truth and wit, subtext and the unexpected, and sometimes one minor detail can throw everything off. Details in dressing are no exception.

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