Date Night

I’m a huge fan of the mid-week date night.

Less crowds and wait times at restaurants, and a break from the work week grind are more than welcomed in my world, but the quick costume change from day to night can be a challenge. Keeping it simple and sexy is key, and very achievable.

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Festive Friday

Festival season is in full swing friends.

Whether you’ll be at Coachella this weekend, a local outdoor show, or just at the park with your dog, festival wear is too fun to pass up.

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Skin Possible

Nothing makes you more aware that the times are- a- changin’, than a birthday; which I had a few months back.

I took a closer look at my skin, and it had definitely changed, much to my displeasure.

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Play Suit vs. Pajamas

It’s April and officially summer here- awesome. NOT.

Naturally, 91 degrees and 100% humidity can dissuade even the most committed fashionista out of wearing well …anything. Since clothing is not optional in most places, operation ‘less-is-more’ is in full effect. If I could wear pajama bottoms and a tank everywhere in this heat, I would.

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